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New article: "Beyond the Vault: The Evolution of PCB Design Archiving" is now live | 29 Jan
Learn how to speed up rule deck comparisons in this @SemiEngineering article | 29 Jan
Live shot of Patrick Carrier's interview with @SierraCircuits at #DesignCon #DC15 | 29 Jan
Our #DesignCon booth (935) has demonstrations on SI & PI analysis, IC/package/board co-optimization, and automatic stackup design #DC15 | 29 Jan
#DesignCon presentation - Experts reveal what PCB design engineers need to consider while designing a successful DDR4 system (2pm, Room M1) | 29 Jan
At 2pm one of our Principal Engineers is presenting an algorithm for accurate statistical analysis of SERDES links (Ballroom G/H) #DesignCon | 29 Jan

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Saipem S.p.A deployed FloEFD to simulate a number of geometries including a semi-submersible crane vessel, a J-Lay Tower, and an offshore construction vessel, the program became core to its problem solving... View Journal Article

Announcing Xpedition® xSD Systems Designer, a fully integrated and automated environment for designing multi-board electronic systems. Read More

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