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Thank you to @LEDsMagazine for granting T3Ster, TeraLED, and FloEFD the Tools & Test #SapphireAward! | 5 Mar
New #52DAC blog recaps the executive committee's trip to Arizona for their "Wintermeeting" | 5 Mar
Adopting smart, automated resource management is a simple and effective strategy to help foundries cut TAT | 4 Mar
The #52DAC executive committee went to work at an Arizona dude ranch where they finished the DAC program. | 4 Mar
Why does an RTOS make sense for wearable medical devices? This @ElectronicsNews article explains | 4 Mar
Also during #DVCon Session 12, Rich Edelman will present "UVM Sans UVM - An Approach to Automating UVM Testbench Writing" (4:00 Fir) | 4 Mar

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Saipem S.p.A deployed FloEFD to simulate a number of geometries including a semi-submersible crane vessel, a J-Lay Tower, and an offshore construction vessel, the program became core to its problem solving... View Journal Article

Announcing Xpedition® xSD Systems Designer, a fully integrated and automated environment for designing multi-board electronic systems. Read More

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