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The #52DAC executive committee went to work at an Arizona dude ranch where they finished the DAC program. | 4 Mar
Why does an RTOS make sense for wearable medical devices? This @ElectronicsNews article explains | 4 Mar
Also during #DVCon Session 12, Rich Edelman will present "UVM Sans UVM - An Approach to Automating UVM Testbench Writing" (4:00 Fir) | 4 Mar
Watch Mark Eslinger present "Every Cloud - Post-Silicon Bug Spurs Formal Verification Adoption" in #DVCon Session 11 (3:30 Oak) | 4 Mar
Last day to visit our #DVCon booth! Stop by booth 801 in the Bayshore Ballroom for the latest design & verification news | 4 Mar
At 2:30, Tom Fitzpatrick & Stu Sutherland present "UVM Rapid Adoption : A Practical Subset of UVM for Design Verification" at #DVCon (Fir) | 4 Mar

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There are several types of surge suppression equipment available on the market which can be modeled in Flowmaster. Three of the most common types are gas relief valves, water hammer arrestors, and surge... View Journal Article

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