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16 Feb, 2015

Colin Walls The largest event in the world of embedded systems takes place in Nuremberg, Germany on Tuesday-Thursday next week. Embedded World is an annual trade show with a highly-regarded technical conference. This is an annual pilgrimage for me, as I generally have papers in the conference. This year is no exception … Mentor Embedded has a strong presence at the show, with a large booth, featuring a wide … Read More

13 Feb, 2015

John Day Sen. Edward J. Markey (D Mass.) In a report issued last week Massachusetts Democratic Senator Edward J. Markey says wireless technologies leave vehicles exposed to hackers, and new standards are needed to plug security and privacy gaps in cars and trucks. Hacking is a serious concern, and the thought of some nefarious thing happening as we drive is scary, to say the least. Senator Markey’s report, “Tracking … Read More

13 Feb, 2015

Colin Walls In the UK, it is well known that an early sign of being old is making the observation “don’t the policemen look young”. As I am an advocate of the “60 is the new 40″ concept [even though I have a couple of years to go], I like to think of myself as being up to date on most things. However, there are some areas of life that challenge me. Clothes fashion is one [that has … Read More

11 Feb, 2015

Dennis Brophy Accellera Approves Creation of Portable Stimulus Working Group At DVCon 2014, Mentor Graphics proposed Accellera launch an exploratory exercise, called a Proposed Working Group (PWG), to determine if there was sufficient interest and need to create a standard in this area.  To help motivate the consideration of this activity, we indicated we would offer our graph-based test specification embodied in … Read More

10 Feb, 2015

Colin Walls Although I doubt that many engineers habitually view things this way, marketing folks like to divide the world into sectors. So, embedded systems might be in telecoms, medical, automotive, consumer, mil-aero, or industrial. There are probably others that I have not thought of. Each sector has its own characteristics and may or may not sound interesting to be involved in. Automotive is quite high profile … Read More

10 Feb, 2015

Robin Bornoff A full 3D thermal simulation of an electronic system requires, not surprisingly, a 3D geometric representation of the proposed design. Much of the design data for a phone, laptop, blade server, IGBT cooling system etc. often already resides in an MCAD system and is readily importable into FloTHERM or loadable into FloTHERM XT. EDA design data, be it a PCB layout or BGA substrate, is often held in 2 … Read More

9 Feb, 2015

Matt Radochonski Today we announced  the embedded systems industry’s broadest portfolio for industrial automation, featuring a  unique multi-platform approach and robust security architecture, enabling embedded product developers to create more feature-rich, power-efficient, safe and secure systems. It encompasses a breadth of runtime platform options, customized development tools, system partitioning, power management, … Read More

9 Feb, 2015

Paul Johnston When you implement software like Capital there are some characteristics of the project which will mark it out as an enterprise-wide investment for success. For myself, used to the vendor perspective I see a it as something natural we construct products in such a way as to facilitate additions and extensions. Over the next few posts I will look at what I have found to be good and less effective practices … Read More

8 Feb, 2015

Harry Foster FPGA Design Trends In my previous blog, I introduced the 2014 Wilson Research Group Functional Verification Study (click here). The objective of my previous blog was to provide an overview on our large, worldwide industry study. The key findings from this study will be presented in a set of upcoming blogs. In this blog, I present trends related to various aspects of FPGA design to illustrate growing … Read More

6 Feb, 2015

John Day There is a lot of excitement in the automotive industry about potential applications for Ethernet. For one example, Broadcom recently introduced a new BroadR-Reach® automotive Ethernet chip optimized for use in low-power applications. Broadcom said the chip’s low power potential enables uses cases beyond infotainment and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and into telematics, shark fin antennas, … Read More

5 Feb, 2015

Mark Forbes The close of DesignCon features the Best in Design & Test Awards. The awards span a variety of categories from design tools, to test, to validation and fabrication. We joined a few dozen other eager folks in the Chip Head Theater for the presentation of the awards. Since there was no one available from the Xpedition flow, all eyes fell on me to accept the award, should we win. Now, I’m more of a … Read More

3 Feb, 2015
IC Design

SPIEs Among Us

Posted by Shelly Stalnaker

Shelly Stalnaker The 40th SPIE Advanced Lithography conference will be held at the San Jose Convention Center, February 22-26. Over the past few years, this conference has grown in scope to include emerging patterning technologies like directed self-assembly (DSA) and design-process-technology co-optimization. Underlying all the presentations, posters, panels, and hallway chatter are the common goals and challenges: … Read More

3 Feb, 2015

Vern Wnek This is the fifth post in a series showcasing the winners of the 2014 Technology Leadership Awards. View the previous ones here. Runner up for the Consumer Electronics & Handheld category: Wizlogix, Singapore Design: Modem and application processor Design team: Vivian Ong Ai Lian, Tan Shean Huey, Romeo Pineda Design challenges: Traces/spaces at 2.36th with constraint areas under multiple FPGAs High … Read More

3 Feb, 2015

Don Miller Commissioning BHRA Test Rigs Having recently joined the project team at BHRA that was to develop a design guide for loss coefficients in large scale flow systems, I had the opportunity to commission the new test rigs that we would be using.  From experience I knew that bringing a new wind tunnel online could take months before conditions were acceptable in the test section; however I certainly underestimated … Read More

2 Feb, 2015

Colin Walls My friend and colleague Richard Vlamynck has proposed another guest posting and I am more than happy to accommodate him. Apart from helping me and doing the rest of his day job, Richard puts in time, as I do, trying to assist people on various social networking sites. This can certainly be challenging, as, while many posts are genuine pleas for help from engineers who need to tap someone else’s … Read More

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