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9 Oct, 2014

Dennis Brophy DVCon India, held in September 2014 in Bangalore, built on the Indian SystemC User Group meeting events and added a Design & Verification track to its popular system-level design (ESL) track that has been popular for many years.  The main stage played host to the keynote presentations, opening ceremonies and best paper and poster awards. Several DVCon India keynote presentations, which I will go … Read More

8 Oct, 2014

John McMillan In today’s competitive marketplace companies cannot afford to have PCB production delayed because of slivers, unintended copper exposed by soldermask, testpoint-to-testpoint spacing, or other issues that should be identified and solved early in layout and long before manufacturing. Catching DFM issues at the design stage is critical because, at each successive step of the production process, the cost … Read More

7 Oct, 2014

Scott Salzwedel According to the FDA, the medical device you’re working on may no longer be fit to serve. What’s happening? Well, due to the critical nature of medical devices and the increasing role they serve in our lives today, government agencies are clamping down on the software running these devices. Unfortunately for you (and fortunately for the general public) enhanced government scrutiny and the need … Read More

7 Oct, 2014

Mike Jensen

If a system is reliable, is it also robust? And is the converse also true: does a robust system have to be reliable? The answers are no and yes. A reliable system performs its intended function when conditions are nominal. As long as design details and environmental conditions remain stable, you can count on a reliable system to do its job time after time. But what happens if these same design details

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7 Oct, 2014

John Day Aftermarket in-dash infotainment system supplier Pioneer Electronics is moving rather aggressively to meet consumer demands for infotainment and smartphone connectivity. After all, it costs far less to upgrade a car’s in-dash system than it does to buy a new vehicle. Last summer Pioneer launched an iPhone app called AppRadioLIVE to work with the company’s AppRadio in-dash receivers. It’s intended to … Read More

7 Oct, 2014
Mechanical Analysis

A Day at the Zoo

Posted by Nazita Saye

Nazita Saye Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is pretty serious business. Every day it’s used in a wide range of industries around the world to optimize products for some very practical purposes. Cars? Check! Planes? Check. Medical devices, consumer electronics and power generation? Check, check and check.  But sometimes you come across things that make you giggle. And since it’s a grey and gloomy day in … Read More

6 Oct, 2014

Colin Walls Hot on the heals of ARM TechCon in California last week, I am off to another ARM-centric event on Thursday this week: the ARM Developers Conference in Munich, Germany. This timing was no coincidence. It was originally scheduled for early summer, but it was moved to take advantage of ARM’s announcements at TechCon. I will be making a presentation titled “OS Selection for ARM-based Systems”. … Read More

6 Oct, 2014
Mechanical Analysis

Leg Hair? What a Drag

Posted by Robin Bornoff

Robin Bornoff “How thick is a leg hair” is not a question I thought I’d be posing when I woke up today. Reading this article about the effect of leg hair on the overall drag of a performance cyclist prompted me to investigate the physics behind this observation. For the sake of expediency I steered clear of a full body MAMIL simulation, focussing instead on just a small patch of a particularly hairy … Read More

6 Oct, 2014

Don Miller In my previous blog I made the point that the increasing focus on energy efficiency means that the subject of loss coefficients remains an extremely relevant one.  If the topic were owned or regulated then these blogs would be unnecessary.  However, the fact is that non-replicable results proliferate in the literature, making it difficult for he concerned engineer to exercise ‘due diligence’ in designing … Read More

1 Oct, 2014

Robin Bornoff There are a handful of quoted and re-quoted drivers, concepts and technologies in the electronics cooling industry.  Be it a presentation, peer reviewed paper, press release, thermal design guide or webinar the same core material keeps popping up in various guises. This is by no means a bad thing. The challenges faced when cooling electronics are clear, clearly described and need to be constantly reiterated. … Read More

1 Oct, 2014

John McMillan This week I had the pleasure of  meeting and talking with engineering students along with our recruiting staff at the NC State Engineering Career Fair! This 2 day event is sponsored by the NCSU College of Engineering and is held yearly. This event draws talented engineering students from colleges all over the Carolinas and beyond. The attendance was unbelievable and the students were dressed to the … Read More

30 Sep, 2014

J VanDomelen NASA scientists finalized testing of the most complex rocket engine parts ever produced with 3D printers. Aerospace organizations are increasingly investigating the potential of additive manufacturing, using 3D printers to save time and money over traditional manufacturing processes. The testing involved using the rocket engine parts to produce 20,000 pounds of thrust. A NASA spokesperson describes … Read More

30 Sep, 2014

Nazita Saye It takes a lot to annoy me. I’m almost pathologically happy. You’re having a bad day? Just pop on by my desk and I’ll guarantee that you’ll leave a few minutes later with a smile. So I was a bit surprised that after reading a blog post a couple of weeks ago I found myself fuming. Not a lot can ruffle my feathers but this post irked me. No… not miffed… irked!  Since my reaction was so uncharacteristic … Read More

30 Sep, 2014

J VanDomelen SpaceX this month logged its fifth successful mission to the International Space Station (ISS) and had a hand in yet another historic first: delivering the first 3D printer in space. SpaceX launched its fifth journey to the ISS and fourth official Commercial Resupply (CRS) mission to the orbiting lab early this week, on Sunday, 21 September 2014 from Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, … Read More

29 Sep, 2014

John Day Shortly after I began to write about automotive electronics, a decade or so ago, I attended the SAE Convergence conference. I had been to many electronics industry events in the course of my career but this was my first in-depth exposure to chips, circuits and software for cars. The industry has changed dramatically between then and now and I’m looking forward to seeing the latest in Detroit (Cobo Center) … Read More

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