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2 Feb, 2015
Mechanical Analysis

Gimme more light

Posted by Nazita Saye

Nazita Saye I’m a perfectly good driver but I don’t enjoy driving in the dark on unfamiliar roads.  Recently I found myself driving in the dark from one village to another on a country lane in the deepest darkest Wiltshire. For those of you unfamiliar with Wilshire, it is a county in the South West of England. Here’s a picture of a typical country lane in Wiltshire. These roads are just wide enough for a car to … Read More

30 Jan, 2015

J VanDomelen The military and aerospace (mil/aero) has had its ups and downs. Whereas military investment has been stagnant in the U.S. and Europe, other countries – including Brazil, Turkey, India, and more – continue to bolster their defenses. Even so, the global military market is being outpaced by the aerospace sector. The aerospace market is a bright spot in the mil/aero community – and it shows few signs of … Read More

30 Jan, 2015

Michael Ford Hollywood has a great way of showing us the future. How many movies have there been where some hapless security person get their thumb, finger, or even hand cut off in order that the bad guys gain access to some top secret facility. Is this now going to start to happen? Now that mobile handsets are starting to incorporate the use of a thumb-print scanner in place of the password or pin, especially as … Read More

30 Jan, 2015

John Day Baron Services, Inc., the Huntsville, Alabama company that provides storm tracker service to TV stations and up-to-date information on weather and road conditions to drivers via SiriusXM, is currently marketing a Driver Safety Program to automakers and tier one suppliers. Chris Carr, Baron’s director of business development, says the program’s objective is to make immediate, contextual information on … Read More

30 Jan, 2015

J VanDomelen Last year (2014) was a bright spot in the aerospace market, with two industry-leading companies – Boeing and Airbus – breaking industry records in the area of commercial transport aircraft. Boeing broke an aerospace industry record in 2014, delivering an impressive 723 airplanes in a single year. Airbus has, likewise, announced significant achievements. Airbus officials this month announced that the … Read More

29 Jan, 2015

J VanDomelen The global military and aerospace (mil/aero) industry is robust and expanding, with the greatest growth taking place on the commercial or civil side of things. That is, Boeing and Airbus – two of the top airframe manufacturers, which deliver platforms for commercial and military aviation and space – broke industry records in 2014. Officials at both Boeing and Airbus this month announced their airframe … Read More

28 Jan, 2015
IC Design

I C A 3D IC!

Posted by Shelly Stalnaker

Shelly Stalnaker Every time I see “3D IC’ somewhere, I’m reminded of that silly kid’s chant we used to yell at each other in the playground, “R U A B? I C A B! O, O, O!! A B I C!!” Apparently that was much more amusing at the age of eight, but it has stuck in my head all these years. Go figure… Which has nothing, really, to do with what I want to talk about, which is 3D IC design … Read More

28 Jan, 2015

Vern Wnek This is the fourth post in a series showcasing the winners of the 2014 Technology Leadership Awards. View the previous ones here. First place winner in the Consumer Electronics & Handheld category: Qualcomm, United States Design: a Quad-core APQ (application processor Qualcomm) targeting the tablet/netbook market segments Design team: Larry Paul, Sanat Kapoor, Stephen Baker, Danlin Xiang, Michael … Read More

26 Jan, 2015

John Day It makes perfect sense for automakers and tier one suppliers to set up facilities in Silicon Valley where there are, as you may know, a great many very well qualified technical people. It’s one more sign – not that we needed one – of the increasing significance of electronics hardware/software/systems technology to competitive cars. In the past year Elektrobit announced plans to open an automotive … Read More

26 Jan, 2015

Vern Wnek This is the third post in a series showcasing the winners of the 2014 Technology Leadership Awards. View the previous ones here. Runner up in the Computers, Blade & Servers, and Memory Systems category: Sanmina, India. Design: a DDR3 240 pin RDIMM Design team: Damodhar Chakravarthy Mallisetty, Tom Thomas, and Birla Manoharan Design challenges: DDR3 240pin UVLP RDIMM 1333MT/S ECC 17.75mm 2R … Read More

26 Jan, 2015

Colin Walls I have almost completed the job of cataloging my articles that have been published at Here are another four, which address some key development topics: the sharing of code between multiple threads of execution; accessing low level device registers in C; selecting an operating system; making use of non-volatile memory … Share and share alike To an old hand at writing embedded code, … Read More

23 Jan, 2015

John McMillan New Designer premium editions with unlimited connections are now available on! Thats right!, our EDN 2014 “Hot 100″ award winning Designer professional design tools, based on xDX Designer and PADS Layout for engineers are now offered in both 1500 and unlimited connection editions. Designer products seamlessly integrate with PartQuest, a new component research engine tied directly … Read More

21 Jan, 2015

Harry Foster This blog is a continuation of a series of blogs that present the highlights from the 2014 Wilson Research Group Functional Verification Study (for a background on the study, click here). In this blog I discuss the issue of study bias, and what we did to address these concerns. MINIMIZING STUDY BIAS When architecting a study, three main concerns must be addressed to ensure valid results: sample validity … Read More

21 Jan, 2015

Harry Foster This is the first in a series of blogs that presents the findings from our new 2014 Wilson Research Group Functional Verification Study. However, unlike my previous Wilson Research Group functional verification study blogs, which focused on the ASIC/IC market, I plan to begin this set of blogs with an exclusive focus on FPGA trends. Why? For the following reasons: Unlike the traditional ASIC/IC market, … Read More

21 Jan, 2015

John Day This week ams AG, which is well-known for its sensor technology, introduced what it calls an Internet-of-Things (IoT)-Connected Smart Lighting Manager, or, a sensor-integrated chip-scale device that enables daylight harvesting. It says its device (AS721x) is the first of its kind. Picture a large office during daytime with the sun shining more or less through the office windows. Daylight harvesting … Read More

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