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26 Jan, 2015

John Day It makes perfect sense for automakers and tier one suppliers to set up facilities in Silicon Valley where there are, as you may know, a great many very well qualified technical people. It’s one more sign – not that we needed one – of the increasing significance of electronics hardware/software/systems technology to competitive cars. In the past year Elektrobit announced plans to open an automotive … Read More

26 Jan, 2015

Vern Wnek This is the third post in a series showcasing the winners of the 2014 Technology Leadership Awards. View the previous ones here. Runner up in the Computers, Blade & Servers, and Memory Systems category: Sanmina, India. Design: a DDR3 240 pin RDIMM Design team: Damodhar Chakravarthy Mallisetty, Tom Thomas, and Birla Manoharan Design challenges: DDR3 240pin UVLP RDIMM 1333MT/S ECC 17.75mm 2R … Read More

26 Jan, 2015

Colin Walls I have almost completed the job of cataloging my articles that have been published at Here are another four, which address some key development topics: the sharing of code between multiple threads of execution; accessing low level device registers in C; selecting an operating system; making use of non-volatile memory … Share and share alike To an old hand at writing embedded code, … Read More

23 Jan, 2015

John McMillan New Designer premium editions with unlimited connections are now available on! Thats right!, our EDN 2014 “Hot 100″ award winning Designer professional design tools, based on xDX Designer and PADS Layout for engineers are now offered in both 1500 and unlimited connection editions. Designer products seamlessly integrate with PartQuest, a new component research engine tied directly … Read More

21 Jan, 2015

Harry Foster This blog is a continuation of a series of blogs that present the highlights from the 2014 Wilson Research Group Functional Verification Study (for a background on the study, click here). In this blog I discuss the issue of study bias, and what we did to address these concerns. MINIMIZING STUDY BIAS When architecting a study, three main concerns must be addressed to ensure valid results: sample validity … Read More

21 Jan, 2015

Harry Foster This is the first in a series of blogs that presents the findings from our new 2014 Wilson Research Group Functional Verification Study. However, unlike my previous Wilson Research Group functional verification study blogs, which focused on the ASIC/IC market, I plan to begin this set of blogs with an exclusive focus on FPGA trends. Why? For the following reasons: Unlike the traditional ASIC/IC market, … Read More

21 Jan, 2015

John Day This week ams AG, which is well-known for its sensor technology, introduced what it calls an Internet-of-Things (IoT)-Connected Smart Lighting Manager, or, a sensor-integrated chip-scale device that enables daylight harvesting. It says its device (AS721x) is the first of its kind. Picture a large office during daytime with the sun shining more or less through the office windows. Daylight harvesting … Read More

21 Jan, 2015

Robin Bornoff Energy isn’t the only thing that is wasted when dealing with hot water supply. Time is as well. The house I live in is nearly 200 years old. It wasn’t a very well made house when it was new and, unlike a good wine, has not got better with time. The retrofitted, refitted, repaired, repaired and repaired again hot water supply system would have benefited from some up front design. As it is … Read More

20 Jan, 2015

Don Miller When constructing a paper based on research, it is common practice to include a review of existing literature.  The idea behind including this information is to demonstrate to the reader that a certain level of thought went into the work being carried out.  Ideally armed with a thorough understanding of the subject at hand, the presented work should then build on the existing knowledge; however this … Read More

19 Jan, 2015

Vern Wnek Shortly after I graduated with my Associates degree in technical drafting, I entered the world of computer aided design. I trained in CAD technology on one of the very first computer design systems – CEADS CAD, and we young bucks could not wait to jump right into drawing designs on the computer screen. Our teacher, a tall Texan with a big stern voice, told us that we might come across many CAD systems … Read More

19 Jan, 2015

Colin Walls I am not a great fan of video, as a medium. If I want to learn something, I am more likely to turn to the printed word. It is only when something is intrinsically visual that I turn to YouTube. Like the time I unexpectedly needed to gut some fish – there I was, working in the sink with two slippery fish and a sharp knife, with my wife holding an iPad showing a video of a rugged looking man doing … Read More

16 Jan, 2015

John Day During the Automotive News World Congress this week IBM shared the results of its most recent automotive industry survey, the Automotive 2025 Global Study. IBM reached out to 175 industry executives in 21 countries. Their consensus is that the industry is “ripe for disruptive changes that are breaking down borders of the automotive ecosystem.” “Cognitive vehicles” and “industry co-creation with consumers,” … Read More

14 Jan, 2015

Gary Lameris It’s interesting that in only 2 of the last 5 years PCB design tools made the EDN top 100 Hot Products. In 2013 and again in 2014, of the 7 products in the EDA category of the Hot 100 only 3 were PCB product related. At Mentor Graphics we are therefore absolutely delighted that for 2014 we received 2 of the 3 top 100 Hot product ratings for the high end of PCB System design with Xpedition® xSD  and … Read More

14 Jan, 2015

John McMillan Cool Earth Solar designs and develops solar products to reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. The company has created a scalable, low-cost solution to develop industrial power plants using concentrated photovoltaic technology. “We strive to reduce the most expensive part of the solar collector — the solar cell itself,” says Scott French, Senior Electrical Engineer, “by increasing the power … Read More

14 Jan, 2015

Mark Olen “Who Knew?” about verification IP (VIP), was the theme of a recent DeepChip post by John Cooley on December 18.  More specifically the article states, “Who knew VIP was big and that Wally had a good piece of it?”  We knew. We knew that ASIC and FPGA design engineers can choose to buy design IP from several alternative sources or build their own, but that does not help with the problem of verification.  … Read More

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