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21 Jul, 2014

Vern Wnek This is the third post in this series. View the first and second one. In this series we have talked about the placement challenges that occur when we, as PCB designers, do not get complete information from the engineers. Without enough information, we can’t move forward independently. So, how do we correct the issue? Training. But, in order to create a “rock star” design team, training must be a two … Read More

18 Jul, 2014

Robin Bornoff I’m sure in the (far) future, product design and manufacture will just involve a big box that you can ask to make things for you. “A leg driven transport device with communication, health monitoring and illumination functions that will last me the week. Please Mr. Box” (or ‘Bob the making box’ as I’d call mine). Out it would pop. Think Star Trek Next Generation Replicator, … Read More

16 Jul, 2014

Matt Radochonski Welcome to another blog post in our Guest Blogger series.  Today Phil Brumby (contact information below) , our Technical Marketing Engineer responsible for our graphics and user interface products checks in with his second guest blogger item to discuss embedded UI implementation. You can read his first guest blogger item on utilizing Qt by clicking here. In my 8 years of experience implementing user … Read More

16 Jul, 2014

John McMillan As a follow-up to my recent article in Printed Circuit Design & Fab;, entitled; Effectively Managing PCB Design Constraints, we have published a new whitepaper entitled Why PCB Design Constraints Should Drive Your Design Flow. In this whitepaper we describe how a constraint-based design not only optimizes the PCB design process but also improves design time-to-market. PADS Constraint … Read More

15 Jul, 2014

John Day The EV (Electric Vehicle) Roadmap 7 conference is coming up next Thursday and Friday (July 24-25) at the World Trade Center in Portland, Oregon. If you’re in the area, or can get there, visit to register. Mentor Graphics is an enthusiastic supporter of the conference, so use the promotional code MENTOR0214 and get $50 off the regular registration price. EV Roadmap 7 is … Read More

14 Jul, 2014

Scott Salzwedel   “Ah, yeah…  I’m okay, but my portable device just died.”    “Your portable device, sir?”    “Yeah, the portable medical device I use to monitor my vitals.”    “Sir, let me connect you to a software developer who knows a thing or two about power management.”         There are portable devices and then there are portable medical devices. And while the malfunction or sluggishness of your smartphone … Read More

14 Jul, 2014

Colin Walls As I have talked about before, I am particularly interested in programming languages, with a strong focus on embedded, of course. So, I always take a look when I see a survey that looks at what developers are using and what the trends are. When I saw that the IEEE were publishing some results, they really had my attention. However, all was not what it seems … The IEEE results may be viewed interactively … Read More

11 Jul, 2014

Michael Ford LEDs came on to the scene just as I was in high school. Having had several feeble little torches on my bike as a kid, with many failed experiments to make the “feeble little wicks” a bit brighter, I saw LEDs as a wonderful technology. Throughout the years that have followed, we have brighter LEDs, and different colours – I was in Japan as the first wave of individual blue LEDs went on sale, some of … Read More

9 Jul, 2014

Dennis Brophy Accellera has announced the completion of a multi-year effort to update its latest edition of the Universal Verification Methodology (UVM).  In completing this effort, the UVM 1.2 Class Reference Document was approved as an Accellera standard and the UVM Working Group has supplied an accompanying open-source reference implementation.  Questa supports UVM 1.2. In addition to the resources you can download … Read More

8 Jul, 2014

John Day This week Mentor Graphics acquired XS Embedded GmbH (XSe), described as a technology leader in creating automotive system architectures and hardware reference platforms. Its forte is accelerating system design and verification by providing automotive-grade hardware and software to reduce the time to start of production (SOP). The faster the better. “By combining Mentor’s Android, hypervisor, security, … Read More

7 Jul, 2014

Colin Walls I have made a number of recent postings focused on C++ issues, responding to a number of questions. I have a few more planned, but I was intending to give this topic a rest for a while. However, my eye was caught by one question, which I felt had some potential: I learned that Objective C objects are not complete copies of the class object. In other words, only the data and certain static structures … Read More

1 Jul, 2014

Mark Laing Hi there We recently released a new version of the Valor Production Planning application that has enhancements to support both LED Binning and Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. LED Binning is widely used in the automotive market place but will also be applicable to any industry where LEDs are used for displays that require consistent lighting levels. The issue here is that LEDs that have the same … Read More

1 Jul, 2014

John McMillan Back in the mid-80’s when I first started hand-taping PCB designs 2:1 on mylar, it was pretty clear that printed circuit design wasn’t a simple start-here-and-proceed-to-the-finish-line type of design flow. Design changes happen. Getting a new netlist with a re-pinned out FPGA just after you’ve finished routing a design is not a new anomaly. Just try to imagine how big of a pain it was and how time-consuming … Read More

30 Jun, 2014

Colin Walls I am continuing to mine the rich vein of questions from my online C++ lectures, which I started two weeks ago. I am always pleased to receive questions about any aspect of embedded software by comment, email or through social media. Another three questions to consider today … I just wondering how the compiler and linker optimize C++ code. How do we compare the this optimization in different tool … Read More

30 Jun, 2014

John Day Don’t you hate it when your car won’t start and you need to call for help? Even worse is when your car breaks down at whatever hour, somewhere along the way to your destination. What happens between the time you call for service and the time your car is fixed is likely to influence your degree of satisfaction with the car you bought and the dealer who repaired it. How well were you treated by the call … Read More

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