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16 Dec, 2014

Vern Wnek Typically my blogs speak of PCB layout technology and the company I work for, but this one is a bit different. During this season of reflection and celebration, I’d like to take some time to honor the special friends that have passed during the year. We place these friends and our fondest thoughts “into memory,” in hopes to keep their legacies alive. I’d also like to recognize another great PCB … Read More

15 Dec, 2014

Shelly Stalnaker A few weeks ago, I introduced you to the start of a DFT Bootcamp series for those of us who wouldn’t know a DUT if we ran into one. Maybe you design ICs, but someone else adds the test circuitry to your layouts. All you know (grumble, grumble) is that those additions can change your design’s performance, increase the die size, and require additional verification. But even if you’re … Read More

15 Dec, 2014

Robin Bornoff Human technical prowess relies heavily on the conversion of energy from one form to another, to meet our needs. Physiological needs underpin  Maslow’s pyramid of all our other ones. The availability of hot water is in turn important for that. Likely we’ve been heating water since the early Neolithic, converting chemical energy stored in wood to heat (radiative and convective) which in turn … Read More

12 Dec, 2014

Tom Fitzpatrick Just in time for Christmas and other year-end holidays, I am pleased to announce that the latest issue of Verification Horizons is now available on-line. As usual, we have a great lineup of articles that I’m sure you’ll find informative: Integrate Ethernet QVIP in a Few Hours: an A-to-Z Guide - Shows how to instantiate a Questa VIP (QVIP) component quickly and easily into your UVM environment, … Read More

12 Dec, 2014

Paul Johnston Enterprise class software used by electrical engineers – Mechanical 3D CAD, Product Lifecycle Management and Engineering Requirement Tracking Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning, is subject to scrutiny from users who find opportunity for improvement. I have yet to work with a perfect piece of software. I’m going to share with you in the next few posts how you as a customer can contribute make Capital … Read More

11 Dec, 2014

Shelly Stalnaker Parasitic extraction is a pretty commonplace procedure these days in IC design. As geometries got smaller and more tightly packed, the resistance, capacitance and inductance of interconnects became significant enough to affect circuit performance. Accounting for these parasitic effects became a tapeout requirement, since they could cause signal noise and delays, as well as IR drop. EDA vendors stepped … Read More

11 Dec, 2014

John McMillan Congratulations to NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, United States Category: Military & Aerospace  – End Product: Spacecube Processor DESIGN TEAM: Dave Petrick, D.Albaijes, Banks Walker This design is used in a multitude of applications for solving complex science data processing requirements as well as those that require a radiation hardened and reliable solution, including space systems. Design … Read More

11 Dec, 2014

John Day The past week or so has been relatively momentous for automotive Ethernet. – The OPEN Alliance (One-Pair EtherNet) Special Interest Group (SIG) announced the formation of several new technical committees, – the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) announced expanded interoperability testing and support for 40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet (40G/100G) including automotive … Read More

9 Dec, 2014

John McMillan PCB design engineers have had the front row seat to the evolution of touch screen technologies. In this HMI (human machine interface) driven world inwhich we now live, touch screens continue to replace buttons and keyboards in nearly every industry. Today’s “Generation Z”, carry around smartphones and have likely never had to press keys to make a call or to text a message. Many of … Read More

8 Dec, 2014

Colin Walls I am often asked where to get in-depth information about embedded software development. Commonly, the query comes from a student who thinks that it sounds like an interesting career option. Typically they ask how I got started, but, although I am willing to share my story, I am not at all sure that the details are still relevant – that was then, this is now. Maybe they are after advice on which … Read More

5 Dec, 2014
System Modeling

Motor Down

Posted by Mike Jensen

Mike Jensen In my last post I wrote about system reliability versus system robustness. I briefly explained my definition of the two, and suggested some design process shifts to help improve both. Sometimes the required process change is small; sometimes it is substantial, almost like an entire design paradigm shift. But the reward, whether measured in improved product reliability or robustness, is usually worth … Read More

5 Dec, 2014

John Day The more I learn about automotive electronics, the more excited I am about what’s coming in cars. I had the opportunity to see a bit of the future that’s available now when I tested the 2015 Subaru Outback, specifically, a 3.6R Limited with a 256-hp, 3.6 liter BOXER six-cylinder engine. The 2015 Outback is said to have a more “up-market” interior, presumably compared to last year’s model, with extensive … Read More

4 Dec, 2014

Vern Wnek As I sit here still recovering from the Thanksgiving feast of turkey and all of the trimmings, I am reminded that this is the time of year we give thanks and gifts to our friends and loved ones. Christmas is just around the corner, and the holiday season is in full swing. Speaking of giving thanks…I’d like to thank you for following along with me here on the blog! I also have an exciting announcement … Read More

1 Dec, 2014

Colin Walls I am continuing my catch-up process of cataloging embedded software articles that I have had published on This time they cover the influence of software on power management, using a memory management unit, all about the C/C++ keyword static and the basics of multicore … Device Power Consumption and the Choice of Operating System Device power issues are becoming increasingly important. … Read More

30 Nov, 2014

John McMillan Today, it’s hard to imagine a GPS that doesn’t list landmarks, street names, or even exit numbers. Every bit of visual information we can get from map symbols and text makes navigating easier and faster. The same is true for a PCB, yet we often overlook a great opportunity to provide a wealth of information about our PCB’s design on the silkscreen. The information we can, and should, supply on … Read More

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