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1 Oct, 2014

John McMillan This week I had the pleasure of  meeting and talking with engineering students along with our recruiting staff at the NC State Engineering Career Fair! This 2 day event is sponsored by the NCSU College of Engineering and is held yearly. This event draws talented engineering students from colleges all over the Carolinas and beyond. The attendance was unbelievable and the students were dressed to the … Read More

30 Sep, 2014

J VanDomelen NASA scientists finalized testing of the most complex rocket engine parts ever produced with 3D printers. Aerospace organizations are increasingly investigating the potential of additive manufacturing, using 3D printers to save time and money over traditional manufacturing processes. The testing involved using the rocket engine parts to produce 20,000 pounds of thrust. A NASA spokesperson describes … Read More

30 Sep, 2014

Nazita Saye It takes a lot to annoy me. I’m almost pathologically happy. You’re having a bad day? Just pop on by my desk and I’ll guarantee that you’ll leave a few minutes later with a smile. So I was a bit surprised that after reading a blog post a couple of weeks ago I found myself fuming. Not a lot can ruffle my feathers but this post irked me. No… not miffed… irked!  Since my reaction was so uncharacteristic … Read More

30 Sep, 2014

J VanDomelen SpaceX this month logged its fifth successful mission to the International Space Station (ISS) and had a hand in yet another historic first: delivering the first 3D printer in space. SpaceX launched its fifth journey to the ISS and fourth official Commercial Resupply (CRS) mission to the orbiting lab early this week, on Sunday, 21 September 2014 from Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, … Read More

29 Sep, 2014

John Day Shortly after I began to write about automotive electronics, a decade or so ago, I attended the SAE Convergence conference. I had been to many electronics industry events in the course of my career but this was my first in-depth exposure to chips, circuits and software for cars. The industry has changed dramatically between then and now and I’m looking forward to seeing the latest in Detroit (Cobo Center) … Read More

29 Sep, 2014

J VanDomelen Engineers at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, have again logged an historic achievement. They have harnessed additive manufacturing (3D printing) to produce complex rocket engine parts faster and at a lower cost than with traditional manufacturing. NASA engineers worked with two different providers: Solid Concepts in Valencia, California, and Directed Manufacturing in Austin, … Read More

29 Sep, 2014

Andre Mosley Defining the “Perfect” Taxonomy (Catalog Structure) A taxonomy is the “classification” of elements otherwise known as “catalogs” or “partitions”; and is an important component in your design process to help users find the ECAD data they are looking for. You can imagine that a confusing or complicated structure increases the overall design process and that the best developed classifications can translate … Read More

29 Sep, 2014
PCB Design

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Posted by Charles Pfeil

Charles Pfeil A couple articles that I wrote have been published and I invite you to check them out: The PCB Design Magazine – August 2014 Sketch Routing, Part 1: Taking Control The article begins on page 42. It is the first of three parts that discuss the essence of sketch routing in the Xpedition Layout product. The three parts are: control, quality, and performance. Electronic Design – September 2014 What’s … Read More

29 Sep, 2014

J VanDomelen The Aerojet Rocketdyne RS-25 engine powered NASA’s Space Shuttle and will power the upcoming Space Launch System (SLS). The SLS is a heavy-lift, exploration-class rocket currently under development to take humans beyond Earth orbit and Mars. NASA engineers recently produced the most complex rocket engine parts in the agency’s history using additive manufacturing, or 3D printing. Three-dimensional printers … Read More

29 Sep, 2014

Colin Walls This week is the first, for me, of the major conferences in the embedded software space this Fall – the ARM TechCon. As usual, it takes place at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California. And, as usual, I will be attending. The exhibition runs over two days: Wednesday and Thursday. I will be at the Mentor Graphics booth [#201] for most of the day on Thursday. So, if you want to stop by … Read More

27 Sep, 2014

J VanDomelen Late last month, engineers at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, completed testing the most complex rocket engine parts ever designed by the space agency and printed with additive manufacturing, or three-dimensional (3D) printing. The highly complex part NASA engineers designed is a rocket engine injector, which is responsible for sending propellant into the engine, and … Read More

24 Sep, 2014

John Day IESF (Mentor Graphics’ Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum) is scheduled for October 23 at the Marriott Hotel in Munich. Great city. Great event. Visit to view an agenda, or to register. IESF begins with three keynotes, then breaks into four tracks: Electrical System Design & Harnessing; AUTOSAR, Network Design and Integration; ADAS (advanced driver assistance … Read More

22 Sep, 2014

Jay Gorajia Have you underestimated the costs of manufacturing a product?   Cost overruns killing your planned margins? Don’t really know if design decisions have any effect on final manufacturing costs?  Under pressure to reduce your costs, but don’t understand where the costs are coming from? Some say understanding the “cost of manufacturing” is an elusive number.  However, with a well-designed systematized Factory … Read More

22 Sep, 2014

Colin Walls Once again, I am mining a backlog of interesting questions that came up during an online C++ class. Of course, as is inevitable, not all the questions are about [or at least specific to] C++… What is the idea behind the provision of multiple constructors for a class? A constructor is a function that is executed automatically when an instance of a class [an object] is created. It has the same name … Read More

20 Sep, 2014

John Day The past few weeks have been busy ones for Renesas Electronics, a major supplier of chips for automotive and other applications. The company introduced the R-Car V2H, its third-generation R-Car system-on-a-chip (SoC) and the first in the series optimized for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS); 40 nm RH850/C1x microcontrollers (MCUs) for hybrid and electric vehicle motor control applications, … Read More

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