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7 Dec, 2009

Robin Bornoff Like a river this blog series is slowing down due to its increased width and depth, that and a lot of travel on my part. So, let’s get it back on track! The previous blog focussed on the relatively well known 2 resistor compact thermal model (CTM) method, its strengths (simple to measure and describe) and its deficiencies (unconfirmed and inconsistent accuracy for different package styles and operating … Read More

Thermal Resistor, Accuracy, BCI, 2R, Package Model, Delphi

15 Jul, 2009

Nazita Saye From time to time I lurk around CFD related forums – just to see what people are talking about. A couple of weeks ago I found a posting on the subtleties of meshing and its relation to accuracy. The discussion rapidly became quite heated – there were some folks who believed that unless simulation gives you 100% accuracy then it is useless while others didn’t believe that accuracy is the only factor … Read More

Mesh, FloVENT, CFD, Design Engineer, Accuracy

28 May, 2009

Robin Bornoff So, all models are wrong, to some extent, due to various reasons. For electronic thermal simulation the main suspect is power as described in Part I. Weighing in at anything up to +/- 20% (on a good day) it is the main reason for model inaccuracy. Unlike power, the next in line is much more under your control as a CFD modeller. It is grid. Sometimes referred to a 'mesh', a grid is a subdivision of … Read More

Accuracy, Grid, Mesh

12 May, 2009

Robin Bornoff The original business case that David Tatchell and Harvey Rosten put forward for the formation of (what was to become) Flomerics had the following quote on its front page: "All models are wrong, but some are useful" G. E. Box This sentiment has underpinned the approach my colleagues and I have always taken in the packaging up of computational fluid dynamics technology for the thermal simulation of … Read More

Accuracy, Power Dissipation

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