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4 Jun, 2012

Patrick Carrier

Simulation is a way of predicting reality.  The more information we put into the simulation, the better our prediction of what is really going to happen.  Certain aspects of electrical simulation, like signal integrity, can be simulated relatively “independently” of other influencing forces.  Sure, there are some temperature dependencies on silicon behavior, and those are typically represented

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DC Drop

4 Oct, 2010

Steve McKinney

I talk with a lot of customers about their designs and what’s needed to get their products out the door and for the most part, they have many of the same challenges across all industries.  One of the new areas that has been challenging digital designers the most has been in power.  Not necessarily designing power supply circuits, but actually looking at power delivery on the PCB (i.e. power planes,

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DC Drop

16 Dec, 2009
PCB Design

What's your excuse?

Posted by Steve McKinney

Steve McKinney

Over the last few months, I’ve visited dozens of customers talking with them about power distribution design.  Power Distribution design on the PCB is one of those areas that is fairly new to many companies, so there is a minimal amount of in-house expertise.  Usually there are one or two people that are the go-to guys/gals for solving a power problem but on the whole, power distribution design (and

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DC Drop

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