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4 Mar, 2013
Embedded Software

Driving you to distraction

Posted by Andrew Patterson

Andrew Patterson

I attended a very interesting presentation last week at the Connected Infotainment Conference in San Francisco, given by Joe Carra, from the USA National Highway Safety Traffic Administration (NHTSA). NHTSA published its Phase 1 set of guidelines for driver distraction standards in February 2012, and has received comments from 83 separate entities. As part of the NHTSA process, all the comments

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Driver Distraction

26 Sep, 2012

John Day   If you’ve done any word processing you’ve probably used typefaces from Monotype – Arial, for example, or Times New Roman. Typefaces can make printed material more or less readable, and they have the same potential impact on vehicle displays, which are becoming increasingly important as cars get more connected. The easier it is to read a display, the less time a driver needs to take her or his … Read More

Times New Roman, Monotype, Arial, Driver Distraction, AgeLab, glance time, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Eurostile, Frutiger

26 Jul, 2012

Phil Burr I was involved in a discussion about driver workload management the other week. It is a fascinating topic and I can see it becoming a much more important feature of in-vehicle HMIs in the coming years.  The basic concept is pretty straightforward – when a driver is in a high workload situation (e.g. driving at 70mph on a crowded freeway), the HMI adapts so that the functionality available to the driver … Read More

Driver Distraction, Infotainment, IVI, HMI, Inflexion

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