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Posts tagged with 'Electromagnetic Interference'

25 Jun, 2010

John Day This could amount to nothing, but in solving the mystery of sudden unintended acceleration it’s wise to check out all leads, and Rob Weekley of Orange, California, thinks he has a solution. He calls it “Ghost” Buster, referring to the “ghost in the ECU,” which some might blame for single-event upsets. “An ECU has so many parts, it’s impossible to analyze every possible computational permutation under … Read More

Electromagnetic Interference, sudden unintended acceleration, ECU

1 Apr, 2010

Nazita Saye I love gadgets but I hate cables – they make things so untidy. As a result, anything that can go wireless in our house has – even our light switches are on remote control. I used to think this was just plain silly when we were going through the retrofit until I realized I could turn off the kitchen lights from the comfort of our sofa. I’ve only used this “power” once but I tell you knowing that I can … Read More

Physical Prototype, CFD, Consumer Electronics, EMI shielding, Medical, Design Engineer, Thermal, Electromagnetic Interference

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