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31 May, 2014
System Modeling

SystemVision 5.10.3

Posted by Mike Jensen

Mike Jensen It is official: SystemVision 5.10.3 is released and ready for download from SupportNet. The SystemVision engineering team made over 120 updates and improvements for this new release. Here are some of the highlights: Relative and Absolute statistical tolerances support improved flexibility when defining device parameter tolerancing. “Relative” defines a tolerance as a percentage of the default value; … Read More

Experiment Manager

21 Nov, 2011

Mike Jensen An important performance metric for any system is reliability — does the system do what it’s supposed to do, when it’s supposed to do it, time after time, without fault or failure. Obviously, system reliability doesn’t just happen; it’s not just dumb luck when a system delivers flawless performance, whether it’s your car, your cell phone, your garage door opener, or your … Read More

Minitab, Reliability, Experiment Manager

21 Oct, 2011
System Modeling

SystemVision 5.8

Posted by Mike Jensen

Mike Jensen It’s software release time in the SystemVision® offices, and we are pleased to announce that SystemVision 5.8 is ready for immediate download. I say “pleased” for two reasons. First, users will no doubt find good value in the many new features and updates. And second, SystemVision Engineering can take a break from their keyboards, and maybe even take a well-deserved nap (getting a … Read More

LabVIEW, Simulink, Experiment Manager

9 May, 2011

Mike Jensen It’s time to continue my short series on simulation experiments. In Part 1 and Part 2 I discussed the basics of simulation experiments and general features of Experiment Manager, the SystemVision application for simplifying, executing, and managing simulation experiments. In this post I’ll use a simple motor driver example to illustrate the basics of Experiment Manager operation. Here is the circuit:                         Setting … Read More

System sensitivity, Experiment Manager

29 Mar, 2011

Mike Jensen In my last blog post (Simulation Experiments (Part 1)) I introduced the topic of creating and running simulation experiments. As I mentioned, experiments are a way to ask system performance questions and get corresponding answers – nothing new here, since system modeling and simulation were developed specifically for this purpose. What is new, however, are methodologies developed to ask the questions, … Read More

Experiment Manager

21 Mar, 2011

Mike Jensen One of the really useful benefits of simulation is the ability to analyze multiple aspects of system performance without actually building the system and testing it. With the right models and simulation tools, you can investigate system performance metrics in a much shorter time than required for prototype and bench testing. Simulation is essentially a way to ask system questions and get answers: system … Read More

Experiment Manager

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