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3 Jul, 2009

John Parry Smokin’ A few years back I built a brick BBQ just beyond the end of my patio. The idea in positioning it was to be able to look down the garden when cooking, but also be able to talk to friends on the patio. Strictly speaking it’s an Australian style BBQ, so I guess I should call it a barbie It has a brick built base, so I spent some time thinking about where to site it as its not exactly moveable. … Read More

Fluid Dynamics, Barbie, CFD, Coandã Effect, Smoke Movement

26 Jun, 2009
Mechanical Analysis

Show Me the Money

Posted by Nazita Saye

Nazita Saye Cuba Gooding Jr’s conversation with Tom Cruise in Jerry McGuire became the mantra of a whole generation. Show _me_ the money. Your manager no doubt says the same thing to you all the time but in different guises: Can we improve product performance/functionality? Can we reduce the cost of producing this product? Can we cut the budget without sacrificing quality? And let’s not forget … Read More

Improve Quality, Improve Functionality, Reduce Cost, FloEFD, Fluid Flow, CFD, Shortened Time to Market, Design Engineer, Fluid Dynamics

19 Jun, 2009

Nazita Saye For some reason, the powers that be have decided to do roadworks on every major road leading out of my area of  London. That means traffic has been diverted to two minor roads. Fair enough as the leaking Victorian water pipes need to be replaced. But what I don’t understand is why they all have to be done at the same time and the same exact section of the A4 that was dug up for the entire length … Read More

LED, Fluid Dynamics, CFD, Thermal Management, Heatsink, Light-Emitting Diode

26 May, 2009
Mechanical Analysis

Just the facts...

Posted by Nazita Saye

Nazita Saye A while ago I heard something that made me tilt my head to the side… similar to that iconic image of Nipper, the Jack Russell terrier, listening to his master’s voice on a phonograph (I was going to post the image but international copyright rules are rather complicated. If you really want to see the image, then please go to Anyway, someone jokingly referred to … Read More

Fluid Flow, Design Engineer, CFD, ROI, FEA, Fluid Dynamics

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