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5 Jul, 2013

Robin Bornoff An appreciation of heat flow paths is a pre-requisite for good thermal design. If you attempt to augment heat flow where there is none then your expectations are as futile as your design skills. The real value of simulation for me is that it enables an insight into the behaviour of a proposed design (this is true for simulation of any design and any behaviour). Once you understand the true physics of … Read More

Heatsink, Electronics Cooling

15 May, 2013

Robin Bornoff Two different package styles, two very different thermal responses when a extruded plate fin heatsink is placed on each. At the very least a FloTHERM simulation can be used to observe the thermal behaviour of a product concept, beyond that it can be used to understand *why* the thermal behaviour is what it is. In Part 1 we saw that the BGA type package benefited from an 81% drop of junction temperature … Read More

Heatsink, Electronics Cooling, Jessica Alba and Mena Suvari and George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio

13 May, 2013

Robin Bornoff A common enough question. Heatsinks are often perceived to be the magic answer to all electronics cooling challenges. They should be called ‘area extenders’ as heat does not just disappear into them. Heat spreads throughout a heatsink passing to the air over a much larger area than it would otherwise do. Air can then do its magic, whisking the heat away thus keeping the electronics that … Read More

Heatsink, Electronics Cooling

17 Nov, 2011

Robin Bornoff My colleague Ed and I were marvelling the other day at the CPU cooling unit from one of our training desktop PCs undergoing a repair. “What, all that just for that!?”. The CPU itself was but a small square wafer compared to the behemoth that was the ducted fan and heatsink with integral heatpipes mounted on top of it. Whereas transistor sizes are measured in nanometres cooling systems can … Read More

CPU cooling, Electronics Cooling, CFD, PC cooling, Heatsink

24 May, 2011

Robin Bornoff Automotive aftermarket modification has both mass appeal and a multi-million dollar turnover. Neon underbody lighting, enhanced radiator systems, aero-dynamic side skirts and hood scoops are but some of the ways in which you can part with your hard earned cash for that unbeatable feeling of looking sideways at the person in the car next to you as you narrow your eyes and nod your head slowly, marvelling … Read More

Heatsink, Electronics Cooling, PC, Liquid Cooling, overclocking

4 Jun, 2010

John Parry I’ve not posted for a while, which is rather remiss of me. I underestimated the response we would get to our Heatsink 201 webinar, which I gather was our most popular ever, and the number of questions that people would ask. I had around 120 questions, which after removing duplicates and those to do with logistics ended up at around 80, so it took a while to answer them all. I’ll select a couple of good … Read More

Thermal Design, Concurrent CFD, Electronics Cooling, CFD, JEDEC JC15, NAFEMS, Heatsink, heatsink 201

28 May, 2010

John Wilson I really enjoyed both of the Web Seminars on heat sinks; Heatsink 101 presented by Alexandra Francois-Saint-Cyr and Heatsink 201 presented by Dr. John Parry.  I was especially interested in a couple of equations presented in Heatsink 101 that estimated h (convective heat transfer coefficient) and minimum fin spacing.  The equations were derived from a Flat Plate in Parallel Flow theory but were simplified … Read More

vba, excel, Flat Plate, Heatsink, Laminar, hand calculation, Heat Sink

19 Jan, 2010

Robin Bornoff Heatsinks aren’t a novel energy efficient type of washing bowl, they are parts that are placed on high powered IC packages to help remove the heat more effectively and thus lower the operating temperature of the package which in turn increases reliability, can improve performance etc.  etc. Such approaches are observed in nature, from Elephants ears to the low sun apparent surface area of homo erectus. … Read More

Heatsink, Electronics Cooling, Spray Cooling

8 Jan, 2010

Robin Bornoff We have recently published a new xml schema and associated xml reader for FloTHERM that offers some exciting new possibilities. Unlicensed and freely available it’s well worth checking out. Introducing my first guest blogger, my colleague Byron Blackmore explains more… Byron is also a product manager for the electronics cooling line of business in the mechanical analysis division based in Canada. … Read More

Heatsink, Schema, XML

2 Nov, 2009

Nazita Saye I think you can learn a lot by doing competitive benchmarking — the act of comparing yourself with your competitors along a certain set of criteria. It can highlight your strengths and weaknesses and it may even help you uncover new opportunities.  While you may already be familiar with the concept as it applies to manufactured goods, I’m not sure how many people consider looking at what their competitors … Read More

Thermal, Fan, Respin, Heatsink

28 Jul, 2009

John Wilson A couple of days ago I was in the hallway conversing with a colleague about the power, pardon the pun, we have in our mobile phones.   Being thermal engineering types the conversation shifted towards how well the device could perform all of these amazing things while still remaining cool.   He commented on how well the thermal engineers did in designing the cooling solution for this particular product.  … Read More

Heatsink, Thermal

19 Jun, 2009

Nazita Saye For some reason, the powers that be have decided to do roadworks on every major road leading out of my area of  London. That means traffic has been diverted to two minor roads. Fair enough as the leaking Victorian water pipes need to be replaced. But what I don’t understand is why they all have to be done at the same time and the same exact section of the A4 that was dug up for the entire length … Read More

LED, Fluid Dynamics, CFD, Thermal Management, Heatsink, Light-Emitting Diode

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