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15 Oct, 2010

Tom Hausherr

Component Lead Forms Before we go deeper into the various component families, we need to clarify the component lead forms of today’s component packaging technology and what is going to be eventually phased out and what is new and why. The pin (component lead) pitch and the overall body height are continually shrinking. This is why the SSOP and TSOP land pattern names have to be dropped from the standard.

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8 Oct, 2010

Tom Hausherr

SOT (Small Outline Transistor) Components The SOT23 is the most popular of this component family. It has 3, 5, 6 and 8 pin variations and 3 popular pin pitches. 0.50 mm Pitch 0.65 mm Pitch 0.95 mm Pitch  Note: All pictures are shown in the “Nominal Environment” land pattern. Figure 19 illustrates 0.5 mm pitch SOT23 3-pin and 8-pin examples. FIGURE 19 0.5 mm pitch SOT23 fanout

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1 Oct, 2010

Tom Hausherr

Molded Body Components The next most popular component family on a PCB design layout is the Molded Body Tantalum Capacitor (CAPM). The CAPM components have an “L-Bend” component lead form. Most Molded Body Tantalum Capacitors are metric by default including their standard EIA names – 3216 – 3.2 mm X 1.6 mm 6032 – 6.0 mm X 3.2 mm 7243 - 7.2 mm X 4.3 mm 7343 – 7.3 mm X 4.3 mm The

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22 Sep, 2010

Tom Hausherr

Chip Components Smaller Than 1608 (EIA 0603) Before you read this blog ‘Part 2″, read Part 1 White Paper of this series - “PCB Design Perfection Starts in the CAD Library” for the introduction information. Download it here - Parts 3, 4, 5 etc. will be posted here over the next couple weeks. I’m really looking forward to

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