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11 Apr, 2014

John Day In my last post I noted the launch by Freescale and Broadcom of a single-chip automotive microcontroller (MCU) that supports compact video compression and fast transmission of video data throughout a vehicle over unshielded twisted pair cabling. The firms said cabling weight could be reduced by up to 30% and connectivity costs reduced by up to 80%. But wait, there’s more. Cable weight in cars … Read More

automotive infotainment, Broadcom, Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), Maxim Integrated Products, microcontrollers, Freescale Semiconductor, head-up displays

6 Aug, 2010

John Day Those who follow baseball closely know there is a lot more to the game than is apparent to the casual fan, but on the flip side, the game is relatively easy for the casual fan to grasp. There is pitching, catching, batting, running, and scoring. Each team has the same number of players on the field, in the same positions, and if we know who played, who won, and who moved up or down in the standings, … Read More

battery management system IC, hybrid and electric vehicles, Atmel Corporation, Linear Technology, Maxim Integrated Products

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