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10 Apr, 2014

Dennis Brophy Its always fun to take the wraps off of solutions we have been hard at work developing.  The global team of Mentor Graphics engineers have spent considerable time and energy to bring the next level of SoC design and verification productivity to what seems to be a never ending response to Moore’s Law.  As silicon feature sizes get smaller, design sizes get larger and the verification problem mushrooms.  … Read More

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28 Jun, 2010

J VanDomelen

Processors are rapidly advancing the state of the art in the commercial world, and the mil/aero community is anxious to reap the benefits of the technology. Moore’s Law, which states that the number of transistors placed on an integrated circuit will double every two years, has taken on a slightly different look and feel as we are reach the physical limits of transistor density in a single core. We

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24 Sep, 2009
Mechanical Analysis

Moore's Law, still holding true

Posted by Kelly Cordell-Morris

Kelly Cordell-Morris There’s been talk for a while that Moore’s Law is no longer applicable. The law is based on the idea that as transistors get smaller they get better. But with silicon based components the insulating layer in the gates is getting thinner as the transistors become smaller and the all important electrons can find ways through the too thin insulator. Then there’s the doping problem. No it’s nothing to do … Read More

Moore's Law

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