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15 May, 2012

Bernard Sutton Quality comes from getting the little things right – consistently. This is especially true when I see how global organisations perform. Somehow it becomes OK to get the little things wrong in global organisations. Maybe its like litter in someone else’s neighborhood; not my problem.? Which is perplexing when the rewards for getting the little things right is higher in global organisations. … Read More

Manufacturing System Solution, Defects, CAPA, lean manufacturing, Quality, Route cause, Manufacturing execution system, Transfer

4 May, 2012

Bernard Sutton I have been in many situations in the past where we had a manufacturing problem to solve. In all instances the first step was to find the scale of the problem, look for linkages to the route cause and then ‘go fix’. Simple right! Well not back then; The fist hurdle was always having accurate data for both the problem which might be a drop in test yields, beneath a sea of false calls, defective … Read More

Quality, Business Intelligence, corrective action, BI, Route cause, Manufacturing execution system, Manufacturing System Solution, Defects, lean manufacturing

20 Apr, 2012

Bernard Sutton Quality in particular ‘test’ are still seen as a black art by production and process teams. In my experience the very best manufacturing engineers & managers are those that  have both test and process engineering skills. I now see this reflected in the ‘smart’ organisations who have already combined ‘engineering’ & ‘quality’ functions.  So why … Read More

Quality, PCBA, Defects, lean manufacturing, CAPA, Manufacturing execution system, Manufacturing System Solution

17 Apr, 2012

Bernard Sutton It might be old news, but its still true; the lowest cost comes from having the highest quality. Something I explored in my feature published in April US tech; “Moving from quality assurance to quality control”. Control to prevent errors is more productive than adding more stages of defect detection. Supporting ‘lean manufacturing’ and CAPA (Corrective And Preventative Action) … Read More

PCBA, Quality, Defects, lean manufacturing, CAPA, Manufacturing System Solution, Manufacturing costs, Manufacturing execution system

2 Jun, 2010
IC Design

Enabling Superior Support

Posted by John Ferguson

John Ferguson In my last few posts, I began discussing on what it takes to enable software quality and support.  This particular post will focus on the latter, support. Of course the goal of any descent software provider is to deliver software that is bug free, intuitive to use, and performs a valuable service.  While we strive for perfection, in reality these goals can never be fully achieved.  In the EDA world, … Read More

Mentor Graphics, Physical Verification, Calibre, Quality, Support

1 Apr, 2010

Nazita Saye I love gadgets but I hate cables – they make things so untidy. As a result, anything that can go wireless in our house has – even our light switches are on remote control. I used to think this was just plain silly when we were going through the retrofit until I realized I could turn off the kitchen lights from the comfort of our sofa. I’ve only used this “power” once but I tell you knowing that I can … Read More

Physical Prototype, CFD, Consumer Electronics, Quality, EMI shielding, Medical, Design Engineer, Thermal, Electromagnetic Interference

15 Mar, 2010
IC Design

Assuring Software Quality

Posted by John Ferguson

John Ferguson In my last blog I discussed the importance of support and the value it provides in the physical verification space.  As indicated, one of the key components in providing support is having an infrastructure helps to assure quality software releases in the first place.  In this blog, I will provide more insight into the procedures in place within the Calibre organization that help to ensure the high standards … Read More

DRC, Mentor, Calibre, Quality, Physical Verificaiton, PV

18 Jan, 2010

Nazita Saye Don’t worry… I’m not going Sci-Fi on you. I’m talking about reaction forces. What do I mean by reaction forces? Well, when there is a relative motion between a solid object and a surrounding fluid, a force will be placed on the solid due to the pressure variation over the surface of the solid. This force is caused by the change in speed and direction of the fluid. For example, we see reaction forces … Read More

Safety, Reaction Forces, Design Engineer, FloEFD, CFD, Quality, R&D, Physical Prototype

19 Nov, 2009

Paul Johnston A lot in Electrical CAD and manufacturing quality hinges on data accuracy and completeness of the library data. From the carrion-crow-like perch of someone supporting design automation software, the immense and patient contribution of the ECAD librarians is often missed.   A couple of co-inciding recent events brought me to a renewed understanding of the significance of the work librarians do. Those … Read More

Library, Librarian, Quality, Capital Harness XC, Capital Library, Capital Harness, Electrical Design Systems, Extensibility, CHS, ECAD Library


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