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18 Nov, 2013

Colin Walls My busy two week conference period is now behind me and, having had a bit of R&R in the meantime, I have had a chance to reflect on some of my experiences and impressions of the three events: ARM TechCon, ECS and IP-SoC. If you attended any of these events, please email or comment to share your thoughts. If you would like copies of any of my materials, please email … ARM TechCon, Santa Clara, … Read More

Power Management, ARM TechCon, ARM, Multicore, RTOS, Self-test, Nucleus, Low Power, USB, MCAPI, USB 3.0

4 Nov, 2013
Embedded Software


Posted by Colin Walls

Colin Walls As I mentioned previously, I am in the midst of a busy time for conferences. This week, I am at ECS in Stockholm, Sweden on Tuesday/Wednesday and IP-SoC in Grenoble, France on Thursday. I have a total of four presentations, along with some other activities at these events … ECS has become a significant fixture in the calendar for embedded events in the Nordic region and seems to get bigger … Read More

Self-test, Low Power, Nucleus, RTOS, Power Management

14 Oct, 2013

Colin Walls Stuff goes wrong – it is a fact of life. Embedded devices are typically very reliable, but not immune to failure. A common failure mode is a lock-up – the device freezes and will not respond to any user interaction. This could be caused by either a software or a hardware problem. In any case, I recently wrote about how a device can perform a self test and how software can preempt its own … Read More

Memory, reset, Self-test

2 Sep, 2013

Colin Walls Last week, I talked about self-testing possibilities for embedded software, where the goal was to detect and mitigate the effects of hardware failure. I commented that further work could be done to address the issue of software failure and this would need to wait until a future occasion. That time has come … All non-trivial software has bugs. Obviously, well designed software is likely to have … Read More

Memory, Self-test, Sourcery Analyzer

27 Aug, 2013
Embedded Software


Posted by Colin Walls

Colin Walls Things go wrong. Electronic components die. Systems fail. This is almost inevitable and, the more complex that systems become, the more likely it is that failure will occur. In complex systems, however, that failure might be subtle; simple systems tend to just work or not work. As an embedded system is “smart”, it seems only reasonable that this intelligence can be directed at identifying … Read More

Memory, Self-test

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