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23 Apr, 2010

Steve McKinney

To begin this series on fundamentals of signal integrity, lets start at the very beginning.  Before you start doing any type of simulation or analysis, what do you have to do first, what information do you have to know?  Your design probably has thousands of nets, are you going to simulate all of them??  Probably not, there’s not enough time for that and truthfully, it’s not really necessary.  The first

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IBIS, Signal Integrity

20 Apr, 2010
PCB Design

Fundamentals of Signal Integrity

Posted by Steve McKinney

Steve McKinney

Whether the creative juices weren’t flowing or I just didn’t make the time,   I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus for the last month.  Hopefully the ball is rolling again with this post and I can get back to a regularly scheduled program.    My last blog post was introducing the concept of being a professional.  I asked some “could it…” questions at the end of the post with regards to a company

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Signal Integrity

30 Oct, 2009
PCB Design

The Halloween Rush

Posted by Steve McKinney

Steve McKinney

Around the Western world tomorrow, kids of all ages (include some of us adults) will be celebrating Halloween.   For those of you that may not know what Halloween is, it’s a celebration that originated from an old Celtic tradition where fires were lit to ward off evil spirits on Samhain - Summer’s end.  This was a special night because the people of the time believe that during this night, the separation

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Signal Integrity, Constraints

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