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MG Foundation

Corporate citizenship is a social responsibility that Mentor Graphics Corporation takes very seriously. Acting as the focal point for the Company's outreach, the Mentor Graphics Foundation funds charitable efforts focus on the communities in which our employees live and work to ensure that they are viable and culturally diverse. Strong viable communities are well educated, have diverse cultural venues and promote the well being of their citizens. To help foster those qualities, the Foundation concentrates its charitable giving in three areas: Education, Culture and the Arts and Human Health Services.

Grant Guidelines


Education plays an essential role in preventing poverty, eliminating social biases and strengthening personal and economic power. Because education is so fundamental to society, much of the Foundation's support is focused on education from kindergarten through college. Particular attention is paid to K-12 schools that have need for additional funding for science, math and engineering programs. The Foundation also supports programs that enable students in the community to participate in scientific projects and engage in intellectual dialogue regarding current scientific theories.

Culture and the Arts

Artistic expression thrives on diversity, bringing communities together in shared experiences that transcend boundaries and foster understanding. The Foundation supports the full spectrum of artistic expression including visual and performing arts organizations, museums and other organizations that broaden cultural experiences.

Health and Human Services

Providing assistance to our fellow citizens in time of greatest need benefits the community as well as the inner spirit of our employees. The Foundation endeavors to support natural disaster relief funds, especially, though not exclusively, in disaster-afflicted areas where Mentor employees reside. In non-disaster situations, the Foundation provides grants to assist with immediate basic human needs.


The Foundation operates by making grants to selected qualified charitable organizations that have a 501(c)(3) status. It is recognized that there are many organizations and programs worthy of support; however, budget limitations, policy and the ability to make an impact have caused the Foundation to conclude that it will not generally support:

  • Religious organizations
  • Environmental causes
  • Animal rights organizations
  • Capital improvement projects, e.g. building funds
  • Campaign, ballot or measure donations
  • Sponsorships for dinners, social events, etc.
  • Fundraisers

Size of Grants & Grant Application

Grant Size

The grants of the Mentor Graphics Foundation will be limited to $25,000. With the exception of a small number of organizations that have traditionally been supported by the Foundation, the grant size is typically $10,000 or less. No grants will be made for less than $1,000 and no grant can represent more than 5% of the organization's annual budget.

Grant Application

The Foundation Board meets annually in mid-March. Organizations wishing to request funding need to submit the following by the end of February:

  • Letter of introduction
  • Description of project including purpose and goals
  • Budget
  • List of directors
  • List of funding sources
  • Amount requested
  • Supporting materials and proof of 501(c)(3) status
  • Completed Grant Request Form
    To: Mentor Graphics Foundation
    8005 SW Boeckman Road
    Wilsonville, OR 97070