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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get support for the Higher Education Program?

If you are a member of faculty or staff at a participating university, you may direct your questions and issues regarding software installation and licensing to Mentor Graphics' Customer Support, using SupportNet at

Once you become a member of the Higher Education Program , you can go to the Support website at and register. SupportNet Registration takes only a few minutes. To register you will need your standard contact details, your university email address, and your Mentor Graphics site number. Faculty and staff may have full access to SupportNet. Students may register for SupportNet Knowledge Access to use TechNotes, AppNotes, and Documentation.

How do I become a member of the Higher Education Program?

Visit our website at and complete the application form for First-Time Users. It is highly recommended that you browse the site first, particularly the Higher Education Program Brochure to see exactly what we offer and how it is packaged. Then when you go to complete the application, you will have a better idea of what you want to order. Be advised that it is in your best interest to provide detailed information about the classes that will be offered, as that will enable the approval process to move along more quickly. Once your application is approved, you will be sent a formal quote for the support fee and a License Agreement that will need to be signed and dated by an authorized signer. Upon receipt of the completed Agreements and payment, we will provide you with a Site Number and the codes for your software via email and the software will be shipped overnight.

Can I get nodelocked licenses?

The Higher Education Program does not support nodelocked licenses - we only support floating licenses on a single or redundant server configuration. However we do now offer the ability to access the tools remotely via a secure VPN (Virtual Personal Network) provided by your System Administrator. Please contact the Higher Education Program to update your License Agreement.

Can we get access to Distance Learning?

We can provide support for distance learning programs on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Higher Education Program for more details.

How do I get training? What training opportunities are available?

Our standard public training is available to up to two previously approved faculty and teaching staff members on a space-available basis at each of the sessions listed on the website You need to call in your registration and let them know you are a member of the Higher Education Program to get the class free of charge.

I am a student in a class that is using your tools. Do I have access on my own?

The Higher Education Program donates software to universities and technical colleges, and therefore we cannot support individual students. If you would like to use Mentor Graphics tools for your degree courses and projects, please contact your professor and let him/her know about the Higher Education Program.

We are currently members of the Higher Education Program. How do we get additional software?

Two ways - you can either request the additional software packages when you complete your annual renewal, or if you are mid-cycle, you can go to the website and complete a Renewal application form and request only those packages you wish to add to your existing account. We will then provide a quote to cover the additional support fee for the new additional packages.

Product Licensing Questions

I'm finding I'm missing features. How do I get support?

License features frequently change and may not appear the same from file to file. Please refer to the Higher Education Program Brochure and the product components of each of the package. You will be sent all features necessary to run the tools in each package and be able to download the latest release of all tools installed.

Please first check the Higher Education Program Brochure which contains a detailed list of all products supplied for each design package. Also refer to the Higher Education Program Brochure section on Product Changes to see if a product has changed or is no longer supported by the Program.

You should also visit our License & Install Community that contains a lot of useful information regarding licenses that may resolve your problem. If there are still concerns, faculty and staff members may open a Service Request on SupportNet.


Can I get all versions of a specific software package, including older versions?

We only provide the latest release of the tools. Automatic upgrades are provided as part of the renewal process and are covered by the annual support fees.

PCB Products

I have been using Board Station but also need access to products included in the Xpedition category. How can I get access to these additional products?

You may order both Board Station and Xpedition categories at your renewal.