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Digital Systems Design Using VHDL, 2nd Edition

Authors: Charles H. Roth, Jr. - University of Texas, Austin;
Lizy Kurian John - University of Texas, Austin
Thomson Engineering

Written for an advanced-level course in digital systems design, DIGITAL SYSTEMS DESIGN USING VHDL integrates the use of the industry-standard hardware description language VHDL into the digital design process. Following a review of basic concepts of logic design, the author introduces the basics of VHDL, and then incorporates more coverage of advanced VHDL topics. Rather than simply teach VHDL as a programming language, this book emphasizes the practical use of VHDL in the digital design process.

All of the VHDL code in this textbook has been tested using the ModelSim simulator. ModelSim software student edition is available to students free and a link for downloading the software as well as an introductory tutorial is available on the CD that accompanies this text as well as on the ModelSim website.

ModelSim Student Edition is available to all students at zero charge and can be downloaded from Mentor Graphics Higher Education.