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About Questa

Questa is the new functional verification platform from Mentor Graphics and is the first standards-based, single-kernel verification engine that integrates an HDL simulator, a constraint solver, an assertion engine, functional coverage, and a common user interface.

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Questa Design and Verification Chart

Designs are growing in size and complexity (Moore's law), consequently verification increases exponentially. With ~70% of the designs requiring a respin due to functional failures the industry has reached a turning point. SytemVerilog is an emerging standard language that enables the entire industry to leverage Verification productivity improvements. Standards based tools like Mentor Graphics' Questa enable broad adoption of SystemVerilog based Verification methodologies. Methodologies that are required to meet the verification challenge.

The SystemVerilog verification solutions provided by Mentor Graphics include documentation of the solution and how to use Questa to solve your Verification challenge. Questa is the only platform to provide support for all Standard design and verification languages. Questa is also the industries leading debug environment providing comprehensive language independent debug productivity.