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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next earnings release date?

We post key financial dates on our website.

How can I obtain information on the most recent Mentor Graphics quarter?

Our financial releases are on our website.

Whom should I contact with questions about transferring my stock?

For shareholder information regarding lost stock certificates, change of address, transfer of ownership and other stock account affairs, please contact the Mentor Graphics stock transfer agent:

American Stock Transfer & Trust
40 Wall Street
New York, NY 10005
Ph: 718-921-8293
Fax: 718-921-8334

What ticker symbol and on which exchange does Mentor Graphics trade?

Ticker symbol: MENT Exchange: NASDAQ

Does Mentor Graphics have a Dividend Reinvestment Program?

No. Mentor Graphics does not have a DRIP program.

Does Mentor Graphics have a direct purchase program of its stock for the investing public?

No, the public should purchase Mentor Graphics stock through the broker of their choice.

Where and when did Mentor Graphics incorporate? When was the initial public offering and at what price?

Mentor Graphics incorporated April 2, 1981 in the State of Oregon. The initial public offering was on January 18, 1984 at $18.50 a share. On August 14, 1989, Mentor Graphics stock split 2 for 1 making a post split initial offering price of $9.25.

Does Mentor Graphics distribute analyst reports?

These reports are the property of the analysts and the firms for whom they work. If you would like to inquire directly, visit a list of analysts who follow Mentor Graphics.

What percent of the business at Mentor Graphics is international?

With offices in Europe and Asia, approximately 50% of business is international.

With whom does Mentor Graphics compete?

Cadence (Stock Symbol - CDNS)
Synopsys (Stock Symbol - SNPS)

What products does Mentor Graphics sell?

Mentor Graphics sells software, systems, services and support to help design engineers build leading electronics systems more quickly. Learn more about our products.

Investor Relations

Contact Mentor Graphics Investor Relations

8005 SW Boeckman Rd.
Wilsonville, OR

Call Mentor Investor Relations: 1-503-685-1462
or Joe Reinhart
View all contacts

Filings SEC 16 Section

Under Section 16 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Directors, Officers and 10% or greater stockholders ("Section 16 Reporting Persons") are required to report changes in their stock ownership within two business days. This will allow you to link to the reports of our Section 16 Reporting Persons which have been filed with the SEC after June 29, 2003. Filings SEC 16 Section

EDGAR Database

View Mentor Graphics Corporation files in the SEC Internet EDGAR database. View EDGAR Database

Looking for more filings?

Prior xbrl documents and rendering are available through the SEC's website indefinitely. Visit the SEC's website