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Flomerics Announces EFD for Education Initiative

Airflow through catalytic converter

April 2007

Flomerics' EFD for Education Initiative aims to ensure that mechanical engineering students and researchers have access to the latest fluid dynamics software used in industry. Unlike traditional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation software, EFD operates inside the mechanical CAD tools that engineers are familiar with – without any transfer of data. "This unique feature allows users to skip the most time-consuming aspects of using CFD software" said John Parry, research manager at Flomerics. "The user doesn't need to learn a new interface, there is no CAD export and meshing is fully automated, so students can focus solely on learning about fluid dynamics instead of how to use software."

The EFD product family provides full-featured general purpose fluid flow and heat transfer analysis software combining all simulation steps, starting with reading CAD data, model definition, mesh generation, solving, post-processing, through to the generation of result presentations – all within a single software environment:

  • FloEFD.Pro – EFD fully embedded within the Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire environment
  • FloEFD.V5 – EFD fully embedded CFD solution within the CATIA V5 environment
  • FloEFD – a general purpose CAD-embedded fluid flow and heat transfer software

EFD has sophisticated physical models to simulate a wide range of engineering tasks -- from creeping non-Newtonian flows to supersonic gas flows with high mach numbers. EFD is also provided with a number of detailed ready-built and documented validation cases that can be used as course material. And unlike some other traditional CFD programs, the EFD educational version has the same capabilities as the commercial version, with no restrictions on physical modeling or meshing, so it is also ideal for research purposes.

EFD already enjoys considerable use in the educational market. COSMOSFloWorks is a SolidWorks product developed by Flomerics that uses the same underlying technology, so educational users of SolidWorks may already have COSMOSFloWorks.

For further information, please contact:

Nazita Saye
Head of Marketing
Mentor Graphics Mechanical Analysis, UK
81 Bridge Road
Hampton Court
Surrey, KT8 9HH

Tel: +44 (0)20 8487 3000
Fax: +44 (0)20 8487 3001

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