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Flomerics Establishes Thermal Test Lab in North America After Acquisition of MicReD

March 2006

Flomerics, the leader in thermal simulation of electronics systems and components, has announced that it will be offering the T3Ster (pronounced Trister) thermal testing system and other testing products gained through its acquisition of MicReD. The T3Ster tester is unique in its ability to test components through up to eight measurement channels at one time and analyze the results as the test is being performed so the results are immediately available. Flomerics is also establishing a physical testing laboratory in Silicon Valley and will be providing physical testing services on a project basis. The laboratory will be managed by John Wilson, Thermal Consulting Services Supervisor. Flomerics and MicReD will be demonstrating the T3Ster and their other products in Booths 10 and 11 at the Semi-Therm exhibition on March 14 and 15, 2006 in Dallas, Texas. Flomerics has also announced that Gary Meltzer will be joining Flomerics in sales and Yan Zhang in engineering support specifically to sell and support the T3Ster product and other MicReD products.

"As the leader in thermal simulation with greater than a 50% market share, we are excited about introducing our first physical testing product," said Dr. Mike Reynell, Director of Marketing for Flomerics. "The T3Ster complements our FloTHERM thermal simulation software by providing physical testing measurements that can be used to validate a simulation model or measure the quality of a manufacturing process. Unlike competitive products, the T3Ster can measure multiple operating devices at a time - with its extension boxes it can both power and measure up to seven devices simultaneously."

The T3Ster provides nondestructive dynamic thermal characterization of packages of semiconductor devices such as diodes, BJTs, J-FETs, MOSFETs, thyristors, power LEDs, MCMs and other electronic and MEMS components. T3Ster can also be used to characterize printed wiring boards and other substrates or thermal interface materials and cooling assemblies with dedicated fixtures and software. T3Ster carries out measurements in real time, resulting in very accurate, noise-free thermal transient curves at a resolution of 1 microsecond. Unlike most other thermal testers, T3Ster measures thermal impedance curves rather than artificially composing them from individual responses given to heat pulses.

The T3Ster software automatically derives the descriptive functions from the thermal transient response of the packaged semiconductor device. These include: the time-constant spectrum, the pulse thermal resistance diagrams, the complex loci of the measured responses, the integral structure function and the differential structure function. Structure functions enable the tester to locate failures in the junction-to-ambient heat flow path such as die attach voids, soldering defects, disintegrity of cooling assemblies, etc.

The new experimental test facility in Flomerics Silicon Valley office in Santa Clara, California, will provide thermal design services from initial concept feasibility to design validations. The experimental services provided by Flomerics at this new facility will include power measurements; pressure drop measurements of boards, power supplies, and chassis; fan performance measurements with the wind tunnel; component case temperature measurements; airflow velocity measurements using a hot wire probe; component junction temperature measurements; JEDEC compliant thermal resistance measurements and dynamic characterization; and nondestructive structural analysis of the junction-to-ambient heatflow path. Flomerics' North American Test Facility and the European Thermal Test Laboratory of MicReD offer world-wide test services on a project basis.

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