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Flomerics’ FloTHERM.PCB Thermal Software is Finalist in IEC’s 2007 DesignVision Awards

"Airflow and temperature simulation by FloTHERM.PCB from Flomerics"

January 2007

The International Engineering Consortium (IEC) has announced that FloTHERM.PCB thermal design software from Flomerics is one of only three finalists in the PCB Design Tools category of their prestigious 2007 DesignVision Awards. Finalists were chosen from among a record number of competing products by a panel of judges selected from DesignCon's Technical Program Committee. "We are delighted that the IEC has recognized FloTHERM.PCB software as one of the top three PCB design tools in 2007," said Dr. Mike Reynell, Director of Marketing for Flomerics. "FloTHERM.PCB dramatically streamlines the PCB design process by providing thermal simulations at a very early phase before routing and other design details are established."

A key advantage of FloTHERM.PCB is its interface to Cadence® Allegro® PCB Editor software. The FloTHERM.PCB/Allegro interface transfers information about the PCB's geometry and components needed to perform thermal analysis. It can quickly analyze the design from a thermal standpoint and identify problems at a stage in the design process when they can be quickly and inexpensively corrected. "These days thermal densities are such that engineers must consider thermal solutions and the consequent mechanical requirements in the earliest stages of board design," Reynell said. "Our new link to Allegro PCB Editor enables users to analyze and optimize a thermal model of their board in a matter of minutes."

This year's Technical Program Committee consisted of 96 of the industry's top thought leaders. IEC President John Janowiak stated, "Our DesignVision Awards honor those catalyzing positive change in high-technology, business, and academia, completely in line with the IEC's mission. We are delighted to announce the winners at this year's DesignCon in Santa Clara and share the best design advancements with the entire industry." The IEC hosts a record-breaking number of exhibitors at DesignCon 2007, which takes place this January 29 through February 1 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California. Winners will be announced at DesignCon on Tuesday, January 30, 2007 at noon in the theater of the Santa Clara Convention Center.

FloTHERM.PCB combines functional, component placement and thermal views of the design into a single virtual model, enabling systems, hardware, mechanical and thermal engineers to design collaboratively and re-solve design conflicts quickly and effectively. Besides Allegro, FloTHERM.PCB also exchanges information with the other members of the Flomerics integrated analysis environment, FloTHERM and Flo/EMC. For example, the same PCB design that is used to create a FloTHERM.PCB model can also be incorporated into a system-level model in FloTHERM. Being able to address thermal management and EMC issues within a single environment makes it possible for mechanical engineers to get a head start on the difficult design tradeoffs that are frequently required between these two disciplines.

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