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Flomerics Helps Canadian Schools Pursue F1 Pole Position

F1 body shape created in Pro/ENGINEER with air flow simulation in FloEFD.Pro

October 2007

Flomerics is providing its FloEFD.Pro™ computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software free-of-charge to schools in Canada. The aim is to help students involved in the F1 in Schools™ CAD/CAM Design Challenge by improving the aerodynamics of their designs in a competition where a small fraction of a second separates the winner from the other participants.

As part of the challenge, students are given an assignment to design a 1:20 scale model of an F1™ car. Built out of balsa wood and powered by CO2, cars are designed using a Computer Aided Design (CAD) package such as PTC® Pro/ENGINEER®. Once the cars are designed, they are transferred into Computer Numerical Control (CNC) language using a Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) package such as PTC Pro/MANUFACTURE™. Cars are then manufactured on a CNC machine.

Flomerics' Research Manager, John Parry, comments: "For an actual F1 car the aerodynamic design is critical for a number of reasons, including drag. The 1:20 scale models cover a straight 20-meter track from a standing start in a little over a second, at which speed aerodynamic drag starts to become important. Just like F1, the Design Challenge is highly competitive, so attention should be given to the car's weight and aerodynamics of the design, particularly around the exposed wheels."

Using FloEFD.Pro within Pro/ENGINEER, students will be able to put their design into a computer model of a wind tunnel to simulate how it will perform on the race track. By using CFD it's possible to make the wheels rotate and the ground move under the car as well as having air flow over it – just like when it races down the track, so it's more realistic than just putting the model in a real wind tunnel.

By extending its EFD for Education initiative into schools, Flomerics hopes to give students an appreciation of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) in achieving the best design possible and, like all involved in Formula 1, develop a passion for excellence!

"We are very pleased that Flomerics is providing their EFD fluid dynamics simulation software free of charge to the F1 in Schools project. This will enable students to analyze and optimize the aerodynamics of their designs and will certainly give Canadian schools an advantage in competitions. TEAM WORK Canada's goal is to achieve the same level of success the F1 in Schools CAD/CAM Design Challenge has had in the UK and around the world. It is our hope that by offering the Flomerics' FloEFD.Pro software, packaged with Pro/ENGINEER CAD design software, we will be able to attract even more students for the 07/08 racing season." -- Paul Riddell, Director of Development, TeamWork Canada Inc.

About F1 in Schools™
F1 in Schools™ is a not-for-profit organization solely supported by sponsors and partners. Launched in Britain in 2000, F1 in Schools mission is to help change perceptions of engineering, science and technology by creating a fun and exciting learning environment for young people to develop an informed view about careers in Engineering, Science and Technology.

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