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Flomerics software predicts thermal performance of data centers

FloVENT software simulation showing airflow and temperature in a typical "virtual" data center

April 2008

Flomerics recently released a report describing the use of its FloVENT simulation software to optimize the cooling of a data center. The report describes a program of work designed to investigate the effect of a number of actions on the thermal performance of a typical data center. The simulations were based on a real data center run by Equinix at one of its centers located west of London. The work was carried out for Equinix.

Currently more than 30 companies around the world are performing data center cooling optimization using FloVENT, the powerful Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software that predicts 3D airflow, heat transfer and contamination distribution in and around buildings of all types and sizes. The software's fast and easy-to-use menu system is designed specifically for the design and optimization of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. Typical applications for HVAC design include data centers and IT rooms, clean rooms, auditoriums, shopping malls, office buildings, underground car parks, passenger comfort in vehicles & terminals, air quality and contaminant control in laboratories, research facilities, and hospitals.

Thermal simulation is crucial to minimizing data center energy costs as simulation creates a "virtual" data center and provides detailed 3D visualization of airflow and temperature at every point throughout the room. Armed with this vital information, engineers can quickly and easily minimize cooling power requirements and energy costs; optimize cooling effectiveness; ensure that all rack inlet temperatures are within specifications; and eliminate hot spots thus avoiding potential equipment failures and downtime. Flomerics continues to play a pioneering role in simulation of airflow and thermal comfort in all kinds of buildings using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques. As a result, FloVENT has become the most widely used, most validated, fastest and most dependable CFD software for this application area. Flomerics' support engineers have extensive experience and understanding in data center cooling issues.

About Flomerics.
Flomerics has been a world-leading player in the rapidly-expanding fields of "virtual prototyping" and Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) since 1988. Flomerics' software products and services are based around three distinct lines of business including electronics cooling, Engineering Fluid Dynamics and HVAC. The cutting edge company provides engineering simulation software and consultancy services for analysis of fluid flow and heat transfer. Using their software and consultancy services, Flomerics customers accelerate their design processes, optimize their proposed designs, eliminate mistakes and dramatically reduce costs by predicting product behavior before building physical prototypes.

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