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LIEBHERR-Aerospace Toulouse, an aircraft equipment manufacturer, is working with FloVENT for passenger comfort in commercial aircraft

October 2005

Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse, an aircraft equipment manufacturer of on-board ventilation systems, would like to develop expertise and provide its customers with the guarantees and precision of simulation techniques in design projects. With this in mind, following a European research project in co-operation with CERFACS, Liebherr-Aerospace approached Flomerics. The aim is to study the performance of the FloVENT software for modelling the air flows in the cabin. As experimental results were already available, the choice was made in favour of equipment already in service.The modelling was carried out "blind" by Flomerics' team in France. The project started with evaluating the possibilities of importing 3D CAD files. Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse, which uses CATIA™, supplied the models of seats and of the cockpit in order for Flomerics' engineers to model a significant "section" of an aircraft. Due to modelling a section (a constraint of the specifications), it is possible to construct simple models with low calculation times. However, complete representation of the cabin is possible and frequently carried out in similar applications (railways).

The results of the simulations have been validated by Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse. The physical phenomena in the cabin are correctly perceived. With the calculation of the Fanger thermal comfort indices, it is possible to quantify the level of the ventilation performance reliably. Three weeks and tens of models later, Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse has an accurate digital model (the modelling confirms the experimental data) of the cabin and is able to offer its customer an optimum design or simple corrections with maximum reliability and flexibility. Temperatures and level of passenger comfort Airflow in the aircraft cabin CAD Import from CATIA and FloVENT model of seating Model of passengers and cabin geometry.

At Flomerics, Liebherr Aerospace Toulouse has found great proficiency and complete, high-performance software which comes up to its expectations.
P. Arbez, Aerodynamicist

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