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OpenDoor Program Partner Index

AADI Semicon Solutions PVT LTD
Accelerated Designs Inc
Accverinos Co., Ltd.
Ace Verification Corporation
Aceic Design Technologies
ActiveMedia Innovation PTE LTD
ADIVA Corporation
Aeroflex Gaisler AB
Agnisys Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Alessandro Ogheri Consulting
Aliathon, Ltd.
Aligned Services, Inc.
Amesys Conseil-Bull
AMIQ Consulting S.R.L.
Anacom Electronica LTDA
Arrow Devices PVT LTD
ASTER Technologies S.A.S.
AtopTech, Inc.
Atrenta Inc.
Atria Logic, Inc.
AumRaj, Inc.
Aurora VLSI, Inc.
Auspy Development, Inc.
Averant, Inc.
Avery Design System, Inc.
AWR Corporation (formerly Applied Wave Research)
Berkeley Design Automation
BitSim AB
Blue Pearl Software
Bluespec, Inc.
BQR Reliability Engineering Ltd.
CADCAM Design Centar d.o.o.
Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Calypto Design Systems, Inc.
Carbon Design Systems
CAST, Inc.
Chip Design PVT LTD
ChipRight LTD
Christoph Suehnel
CircuitSutra PVT LTD
Class Technology Co., Ltd
ClioSoft, Inc
CLK Design Automation, Inc.
CM Engineering, LTD
Contemporary Verification Consultant, Pvt Ltd (CVC)
Convey Computer
Correct Designs, Inc.
Coupling Wave Solutions, S,A. (CWS)
CoVerify Systems Technology LLP
CxDesign LLC
DCG Systems Incorporated
DeFacTo Technologies
Digital Media Professionals, Inc.
Dolphin Technology, Inc.
DownStream Technologies
Duolog Technologies
EasyIC Design SRL
Edxact SA
Eigenix Inc.
eInfochips, Inc.
EmuPro Consulting
Ensilica LTD
eQ Technologic, Inc.
Faster Technology LLC
Fishtail Design Automation, Inc.
Forte Design Systems
FPGA Works, LLC.
Fraunhofer Institute SCAI
Free Model Foundry
Frobas GmbH
Frontline PCB Solutions
Fujisoft Incorporated
GiDEL, Ltd.
Global Job Quest
GlobalTech India Pvt. Ltd.
Gold Standard Simulations Ltd.
Gradient Design Automation, Inc.
HD Lab, Inc.
HDL Design House
Helic S. A.
Helion Technology Ltd.
HMC Design Verification
IBEX Technology Co., Ltd.
IBM Corporation
IC Manage, Inc.
Icevo Consulting
Impulse Accelerated Technologies, Inc.
In-Circuit Design PTV LTD
Incentia Design Systems, Inc.
InfiniScale, S.A.
Innovative Logic, Inc.
Integrand Software, Inc.
Integre Technologies, Inc.
Intelliprop, Inc.
IntelliSense Software Corporation
Intellitech Corporation
Interra Systems, Inc.
Invarian, Inc.
IPextreme, Inc.
IPGEN Microelectronics GmbH
Japan Circuit Co., LTD.
Jasper Design Automation
Jedat, Inc.
JTAG Technologies B.V.
Kacper Technologies (P) LTD
Larsen & Toubro Infotech (L & T Infotech)
Leading Edge SNC
Logic-Fruit Technologies
Lorentz Solution Inc.
Lumerical Solutions, Inc.
Macaos Software AS
Magwel NV
Masamb Electronics Systems Pvt., LTD
MathWorks, Inc., The
MAYA Heat Transfer Technologies Ltd. (Maya HTT)
Memoir Systems, Inc.
Microsemi Corporation (formerly Actel)
Mirafra Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Mobiveil Technologies India PVT LTD
Mulberry1 LTD
Multiware Systems
Nagoya Electric Works Co., Ltd.
NanGate, Inc. (formerly Nangate A/S)
NoBug, Inc.
Noesis Solutions NV
North Pole Engineering, Inc.
Northwest Logic
Numerical Innovations
Oasys Design Systems, Inc.
OpenText Corporation
Optimum Design Associates
Oracle America, Inc.
Orora Design Technologies, Inc.
OSKI Technology, Inc.
P+Z Engineering GmbH
Panasonic Factory Solutions Co., Ltd
Paradigm Works, Inc.
Patmos Engineering Services, Inc.
Perception Software Inc.
Perfect VIPs, Inc. (formerly Perfectus Technology, Inc.)
PhoeniX BV
Phoenix Integration
Project Veripage
PTC, Inc. (Formerly Parametric Technology Corporation)
QBuild Corporation
Quadra Solutions UK Ltd.
R&D Consulting & Development
Rachip LTD
Real Intent
Remcom, Inc.
Rocketick Technologies LTD
Runtime Design Automation
Samtec, Inc.
Sarokal Solutions OY
Semifore, Inc.
SFM Technology, Inc.
Sibridge Technologies PVT, LTD.
SiCon Design Technologies Pvt LTD
Siemens- UGS PLM Software
Signal Integrity Software, Inc. (SiSoft)
Silicon Interfaces
SILKAN RT (formerly ARION, formerly DMAP)
SILVACO, Inc. (Formerly Simucad Design Automation, Inc.)
Simutest, Inc.
SmartDV Technologies India PVT LTD
SmartPlay Technology PVT, LTD
Solid Oak Technologies, LLC
Solido Design Automation
SolidWorks R&D Limited
Solvertec GmbH
Sondrel, LTD
Sonics, Inc.
Spectral Design and Test Inc.
Springhill Consultants
Structured Design Verification, Inc.
Sunburst Design, Inc.
Sutherland HDL, Inc.
SynaptiCAD Sales Inc.
Synopsys, Inc.
SynthWorks Design, Inc.
Syosil ApS
Tarek Verification Systems, LLC
Target Compiler Technologies NV
TATA Elxsi Ltd
Technically Speaking, Inc.
Teklatech A/S
Tektronix, Inc (formerly Veridae Systems, Inc.)
Tenesix, Inc.
Teradyne Inc
Teraspeed Consulting Group LLC
Teseda Corporation
Test and Verification Solutions Ltd.
Test Systems Strategies, Inc. (TSSI)
The Office of Michael Green
TLK-Thermo GmbH
TM Associates
Tool Corporation
TOPS Systems Corporation
Truechip Solutions PVT LTD
Trusster, Inc.
TrustIC Design, SRL
Tumbush Enterprises LLC
TurnKey Logic, Inc.
United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC)
Veda Consulting SRL
Vennsa Technologies, Inc.
Veriest Venture LTD
VeriFast Technologies, Inc.
Verific Design Automation, Inc.
Verification Technology Co., Ltd.
Verifore, Inc.
Verifyer Ltd.
Verikwest Systems, Inc.
Verilab, Ltd.
Verilang Systems
Verisense LTD
VHDLCohen Publishing
VLSIGURU Training Institute
Wafer Space Semiconductor Technologies PVT LTD
Willamette HDL, Inc.
WISE Software Solutions, Inc.
Xerenet LTD
Xpeerant, Inc.
Zocalo Tech Inc.
Zuken Inc.