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Our Commitment

Mentor Graphics is committed to environmental responsibility. As a leader in EDA, we have the opportunity to also be a leader in the sustainable use of the Earth's resources. By “greening” our facilities and operations, we not only demonstrate environmental stewardship through our own policies and practices, but achieve real savings and efficiencies in the process.

These sustainable practices are an integral part of facilities, infrastructure, product development, operations management, reducing pollution and waste, using appropriate energy resources and materials, and protecting the native environment in our campus spaces. This commitment to environmental responsibility includes setting goals for ourselves and monitoring our progress towards those goals.


Thermostat Setbacks

The HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems that run 24x7x365 on Mentor’s Wilsonville campus headquarters account for significant electrical consumption and costs. By implementing nighttime thermostat setbacks for non-critical and unoccupied spaces (after and before business hours), we’ve been able to significantly reduce energy consumption while saving Mentor tens of thousands of dollars in energy costs.

Energy Smart Lighting

Lighting accounts for nearly 30% of Mentor’s electrical spend and consumption worldwide. Thanks to our “Lights Out” movement, which includes simple changes such as turning off building lights and switching traditional light bulbs for compact fluorescent lamps (CFL’s), we’ve been able to reduce energy use and cost by upwards of 25%—about 1.4 million kilowatt hours in Wilsonville alone.

Campus Landscaping


Beginning with our Wilsonville campus headquarters, we’ve looked for eco-friendly alternatives to existing landscaping practices. These include reducing irrigation use to the practical extent possible, using organic fertilizers and herbicides, and implementing water reduction practices by introducing more sustainable plantings. Through this initiative, we ensure our adherence to environmental stewardship by reducing toxic runoff, potential harm to wildlife and water pollution.

Information Technology

Data Center Transformation

MGC Campus

Mentor’s more than 35 engineering data centers around the world are currently being consolidated into two data centers, located at our Wilsonville campus headquarters and our Shannon, Ireland site. From a sustainability perspective, the consolidation increases compute capacity while providing energy savings through the elimination of legacy infrastructure, reduced power and cooling consumption, and by sizing the compute environment for average total demand.

Streamlining IT Resources

While our future involves a consolidated data center model, IT focused the past few years on improving efficiencies in our existing data centers. We replaced 600 servers with high energy efficient servers, reducing the count by 80% while increasing capacity by more than 100%. This reduction, in addition to other improvements, reduced IT power demand by 10% or 100kW—the equivalent energy consumed by 86 homes.

Reducing Printing Waste

Printing is an area with tremendous potential for increasing efficiencies and reducing paper waste. As part of Mentor’s Green initiative, our inventory of printers around the world were configured to print double-sided by default and disable cover sheets. With the support of our employees, we’re moving from a paper culture to digital culture wherever possible.

Employee Community

Earth Day e-Cycle Extravaganza

For the past two years, employees on several Mentor campuses came together to host “e-Cycling Extravaganzas.” In honor of Earth Day, they worked with local vendors to collect unwanted, unusable computer monitors, cables, mice, keyboards and more for proper disposal. So far, the events have generated more than 20,600 pounds of electronic waste—a commendable effort by our employees.