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Yield Enhancement Services

The growing impact of design characteristics on yield demands new and creative solutions to assure manufacturability. Migration to the next technology node creates peak demands for engineers and expertise that often exceeds available resources, putting time to market at risk. Meeting these challenges requires best-in-class tools and engineering expertise to develop advanced modeling and hands-on solutions.

Mentor Consulting Yield Enhancement Services provides the expertise and project management skills required for effective deployment of advanced technologies. We have successfully helped customers worldwide meet their objectives of on-time technology, high-quality and accurate designs, optimal performance, higher yield, and faster turn-around-time, time-to-market and yield ramp. Consultants also ensure knowledge transfer to enable continued success and accelerated adoption of technologies and methodologies.

Yield Enhancement Services Datasheet
(PDF, 94kb)

Calibre Design-to-Silicon Platform

Yield Enhancement Services consultants are the leading expert engineers in the world in the market-leading, Calibre® design-to-silicon platform from Mentor Graphics.

  • Resolution Enhancement Technologies
    Calibre OPC, Calibre nmOPC, Calibre OPCverify, Calibre MDP
  • Physical Verification Technologies
    Calibre DRC, Calibre LVS, Calibre xRC, Calibre PERC (Programmable Electrical Rules Checking)
  • Calibre Design for Manufacturing Solutions
    YieldAnalyzer, YieldEnhancer, YieldServer, Calibre LFD (Litho Friendly Design), CMP (Chemical Mechanical Processing)
  • Yield Diagnostics