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Implement Visually Rich User Interfaces on Android Devices

Mentor Embedded™ Inflexion™ UI enables OEMs and ODMs to implement compelling and visually rich user interfaces (UIs) on their Android devices with significantly reduced effort; allowing you to meet the UI demands of today’s Android based devices. Inflexion allows you to implement highly animated and visually rich 3D UIs for your Android home screen or indeed any other Android Java application. Whether you are smartphone customer looking to differentiate your product or you are using Android in other products and looking to create a more appropriate UI, Inflexion UI helps solve your UI problem.

Rapid UI Customization

  • Rebrand Android home screen and activity applications in a fraction of the time using drag & drop tool
  • Provide multiple device ‘skins’ to meet diverse market and user preferences (re-skin without coding)

3D Effects

  • Apply stunning animations & 3D effects (per-pixel lighting, reflections, ripple effects, bumpy texture …) in minutes
  • Build new native apps for your product... …and give them skinnable 3D GUIs too

Sophisticated and Compelling Toolkit

  • UI Express tool for rapid design, test and refinement
  • Enables all steps from design to deployment

Inflexion Eclipse Add-on for Android

  • Click process to develop Inflexion based Android application
  • Automatically generates the Activity and framework classes based on Inflexion + Android APIs
  • Automatically generates Java interfaces, module integration code and make file

Deep integration with Android

  • Java based module interfaces provides the leverage to fully utilize the underlying Android framework
  • C/JNI code is automatically built

Learn More

Learn more about Inflexion UI, including Inflexion Runtime and Inflexion UI Express, at the Inflexion UI Product Page

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