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Automotive Technology Platform

Create differentiated in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems based on a GENIVI compliant Linux platform.


The Mentor Embedded Automotive Technology Platform (ATP) provides a robust and validated GENIVI compliant Linux platform for the development of infotainment and instrument cluster systems.



Successfully Adopt Open Source Software

As a Board Member of GENIVI, and with a seat on the Yocto Advisory Board (with already over 2,000 contributions to the Yocto source tree), Mentor brings the experience necessary for the successful adoption of open source software by automotive tier one suppliers and OEMs.


Effectively Use The Latest SoCs and Hardware Platforms

ATP is available on the latest SoCs including the Freescale i.MX6, Renesas R-CAR H1, and TI OMAP 5 reference boards and is readily customized for production boards. Click here to read the details on GENIVI compliance of ATP.

Establishing UI Smoothness by Measuring the Update Frame Rate

Deliver Rich and High Performance Multimedia and Graphics Experiences

ATP is an instrumented platform from kernel to the graphics layer, and enables the profiling of the entire embedded IVI system and eases the delivery of high performance graphics. Integrate the appropriate UI technology including HTML 5 and QT for your specific needs.

Get to Market Quickly and Maintain Software Effectively

Take advantage of extensive service and delivery experience that has been part of over ten vehicle launches and an extensive partner network.

Meet Connectivity and Security Needs

Consumer electronics experiences are driving the need for greater connectivity and functionality in IVI systems. With ATP and the Mentor Embedded Hypervisor you have the flexibility of multiple technical implementations to address both your connectivity and security needs.

GENIVI Compliance

The Mentor Embedded Automotive Technology Platform (ATP) provides a GENIVI compliant Linux- based IVI development platform for the latest hardware provided by leading semiconductor companies. Mentor Embedded is a Board Member of the GENIVI Alliance and has a history of active participation in GENIVI and delivering GENIVI compliant solutions. Learn more about the GENIVI Alliance in this webinar.

GENIVI 5.0 Compliant

Freescale i.MX6, Renesas R-CAR H1, Texas Instruments OMAP 5

GENIVI 3.0 Compliant

Freescale i.MX6, (i.MX 6 – Sabre Lite), Renesas R-CAR H1

GENIVI 2.0 Compliant

Freescale i.MX6, (i.MX 6 – Sabre Lite), (Intel Atom Crossville)

GENIVI 1.0 Compliant

TI OMAP3 BeagleBoard, NVIDIA Tegra 2 & 3, Intel Atom Northville

Contact us to request support for additional hardware or learn more about Mentor Embedded GENIVI services.

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