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Address your design’s deterministic control and real-time requirements with a RTOS

Anil Khanna

Anil Khanna

Posted Apr 18, 2013

Nucleus, our flagship RTOS offering has been around for several years now. In this time, it has been designed into more than 3 billion embedded devices in various applications such as mobile, medical, consumer electronics, industrial and more! The phrase “been there done that” could not be more appropriate to Nucleus. Regardless, when it came time to design yet another cool demo, our engineers were more than up to the task.

Enter “Stella” – a two-wheeled self-balancing robot! Stella is battery operated with ZigBee-based wireless remote control. Stella and the wireless remote controller were developed using DK-LM3S9B96 platform with DK-EM2-2520Z wireless modules from TI, and Mentor’s Nucleus RTOS and associated middleware. And for all you Lego fans (including me), the servo motors controlling the wheels are from the Lego Mindstorm kit! The software servo controller is implemented as a Nucleus RTOS task and is responsible for balance control of Stella.

A self-balancing robot is an inherently unstable system which requires real-time deterministic control to maintain balance and stability. What better vehicle to showcase the capability and reliability of a RTOS! If you are designing embedded devices requiring deterministic control such as industrial applications, this is the solution for you.

Stop by the Mentor Embedded stall at Design West and say hi to Stella! We will also be showcasing our solutions for embedded development in the smart energy, medical and automotive markets.

To make things fun, we are running a brief contest during Design West.
– Stop by our booth. Take a pic with Stella and tweet about it
– Post a creative tweet! Make sure you include “@MentorEmbedded” and hash tag #coolstella in the tweet
o E.g. “Chilling out with #coolstella @MentorEmbedded booth in DesignWest @UBMDesign”

The contest will run during floor hours from Tue 4/23 to Thu 4/25 and the most creative tweet will receive a prize!

Come in person at 3 pm on Thursday to pick up your prize.
Look forward to your creative entries!

industrial, Nucleus, DESIGN West, RTOS, Zigbee

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