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Application Layer Trace Visualization Tour with Sourcery Analyzer and Stella, our Nucleus powered, self-balancing robot

Stella, our Nucleus powered, self-balancing robot generates kernel and application level trace data which is then visualized using Sourcery Analyzer.

Sourcery Analyzer with Stella Application Trace Visualization

Arvind Raghuraman, Staff Engineer on the Nucleus RTOS team and creator of Stella, will give you a tour of Stella’s application layer trace visualization. Arvind previously instrumented Stella’s relevant application layer variables including tilt angle, tilt angular rate, wheel position, wheel rate, gyro input, gyro drift, and calculated gyro data. Also of interest are various aspects of the control action taken to compute the total control output.

Watch the tour:

Easy trace data acquisition and powerful and extensible analysis features make Sourcery Analyzer an indispensable tool for gaining deep insight into kernel and application level behavior.

If you would like to try Mentor Graphics’ embedded software platforms and development tools, visit our product evaluation pages:

Questions? Drop into the Sourcery Tools forum and ask.

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