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Busy, busy, busy

Colin Walls

Colin Walls

Posted Oct 21, 2013

This is the time of year that I think of as “conference season”; from mid-September until the Christmas holiday period there are numerous conferences and suchlike. As a significant part of my job is supporting such events on behalf of Mentor Embedded, this tends to be a busy time.

To make life challenging, I am shortly to be involved in 3 conferences, in different countries, all in the space of 2 weeks …

Next week is ARM Tech Con, which takes place in Santa Clara, California. This event is now firmly established on the calendar and is always interesting. I have 2 papers to present, along with other meetings and a “meet and greet” session [Wednesday, 4pm at the Mentor Graphics booth, #201].

The following week I will be going to Stockholm, Sweden for Embedded Conference Scandinavia, where I am also presenting 2 papers. I will then travel to Grenoble, France, to attend IP-SoC 2013, where I have a keynote, a technical paper and I am participating in a panel session.

Copies of my presentations will be available after the events. Here are the details:

At ARM Tech Con:

  • USB 3 – An Introduction for Embedded Software Developers
  • Interprocessor Communications and MCAPI


  • Power Management in Embedded Systems
  • Selecting an Embedded Operating System

At IP-SoC:

  • The New Tower of Babel – The Languages of Embedded Systems Design
  • Self-testing in Embedded Systems

Looking at my travel schedule I see that I will be taking a total of 8 airplane flights, the same number of train rides and a couple of bus trips. I will stay in 4 different hotels, use a rental car for some days and I guess a few taxi rides. When I am done, I look forward to a restful weekend away with my wife in Berlin. But hey, wait a minute, that is two more flights and trains …

ARM TechCon, ECS2013, ARM, IP-SoC

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