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Colin Walls

Colin Walls

Posted May 25, 2011

It is a curious thing, which I have written about before [here and here for example]: almost every electronic device that has been designed in the last 15-20 years has contained a microprocessor or microcontroller in some form – they are embedded systems. This means that, by definition, a significant part of the design and development process is the creation of software. And yet hardware design and embedded software design have been largely considered to be two separate worlds. But maybe that is about to change …

Mentor Graphics recognized the synergy between the two disciplines about 15 years ago, when the Embedded Software Division was created, and this has been a steadily growing part of the business. The other major electronic design [EDA] companies have been slower to catch on, so we remain unique in our ability to offer a truly complete solution.

In the embedded software world, there are a couple of major conferences that punctuate the year: the Embedded Systems Conference, Silicon Valley and Embedded World in Nuremberg. For the EDA folks, the big show is the Design Automation Conference [DAC], which takes place annually in various locations. This year, DAC is in San Diego, CA on 6-10 June. This year, the organizers decided to make a strong focus on embedded. Maybe things are about to change …

design automation conference, DAC, Embedded World

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Colin WallsI have over thirty years experience in the electronics industry, largely dedicated to embedded software. A frequent presenter at conferences and seminars and author of numerous technical articles and two books on embedded software, I am a member of the marketing team of the Mentor Graphics Embedded Systems Division, and am based in the UK. Away from work, I have a wide range of interests including photography and trying to point my two daughters in the right direction in life. Learn more about Colin, including his go-to karaoke song and the best parts of being British: Visit The Colin Walls Blog

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