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Do try and keep up - GENIVI 3.0 Release

Mentor Graphics decided from the start when launching its Embedded Linux for Infotainment product, to remain GENIVI specification-compliant – we duly announced our 1.0 product back in 2011. The reality of remaining compliant, is continuous effort to update the platform approximately every 6 months, as new GENIVI platform specifications are released. As with any emerging standard, the GENIVI roadmap is quite fluid and may not be finalized until the last minute before the release announcement. However, by monitoring, and being actively involved in the GENIVI expert group discussions, we have a fairly good idea of what the final content will be, and can assign resources accordingly. The number of GENIVI specification-compliant platforms from the ecosystem of vendors has steadily increased – 18 for GENIVI 1.0 and 26 for GENIVI 2.0. It is too early to say how many will make the 3.0 hurdle – will the numbers increase, or will some tire of the development process? GENIVI version 3.0 continues the theme of refinement of the Infotainment Platform, by updating some existing component versions, removing some that are not used, and promoting some optional items in GENIVI 2.0 , to mandatory in GENIVI 3.0. One of the most important updates is the requirement to use a Linux Kernel version 3.0 (or greater). Some other component updates include wpa_supplicant (used for wireless login authentication), and systemd (assists with startup ). New mandatory components in 3.0 include a Bluetooth Hands-Free capability, and a Bluetooth Phone-Book. These are declared as Abstract Components by GENIVI, which means that the implementer has freedom as to how the capability is implemented, provided it meets the functionality and interface requirements. And in version 3.0 of the GENIVI specification, some components have been removed altogether, such as support for MOST (automotive multimedia network), due to the closed nature of this standard. The rapid release frequency of GENIVI specifications will create challenges to automotive OEM and Tier 1 implementers, as although everyone wants the latest Infotainment features, it is unrealistic to expect a full automotive design/test/production cycle to happen in six months, so earlier GENIVI implementations will surely also survive for a while. Anyway, it’s on now with GENIVI 4.0, codenamed Foton, expected around April 2013.


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About Andrew Patterson

Andrew PattersonAndrew Patterson is Business Development Director for Mentor Graphic’s embedded division, specializing in the Automotive market. Prior to Mentor Andrew has spent over 20 years in the Design Automation market specializing in a wide range of technologies including wire harness design, automotive simulation model development, virtual prototyping, and mechatronics. Currently he is focused on working with the GENIVI industry alliance, and leading Mentor’s Infotainment and in-vehicle Electronic Cluster and Telematic solutions. Andrew holds a masters degree in Engineering and Electrical Sciences from Cambridge University, UK. Visit Embedded Blog

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