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Embedded World in Nuremberg: Demos Available at the Mentor Embedded Booth

At Embedded World in Nuremberg from Feb 25-27 we will have a number of demos to show off at the Mentor Embedded Booth.  Come join us in Hall 4, Booth 4-422 to see and learn more about:

Delivering Powerful IoT Systems

Connected devices range from wearables, to smart meters, to smart appliances, to connected vehicles. Design of these IoT devices requires minimizing memory footprint, seamlessly connecting to networks, securely storing and transmitting data, isolating critical and non-critical functions and minimizing power consumption. This demonstration highlights how you can make use of Bluetooth Low Energy along with the Nucleus RTOS to create connected embedded devices.  Learn more about the Internet of Things in the Google+ Hangout discussed we held with Nano Power Communications by clicking here.

Increasing System Reliability

When connectivity or a user interface is introduced into a portable medical device or industrial system it is necessary to isolate control functionality to ensure system reliability. Learn about how by using a process model framework you can isolate the different functions of the connected device from each other to increasing the stability of the entire system.  In the meantime, you can learn more about improving embedded reliability with this free white paper:

Linux Based Infotainment Systems
Open source software, including Linux and Android is now deployed in multiple automobiles worldwide. This demonstration illustrates a GENIVI compliant Linux based infotainment implementation.  Here’s a webinar on deploying Linux and GENIVI that you might also find helpful:–ivi–systems-into-production

AUTOSAR Based ECU and Network Design
AUTOSAR continues to see growth and adoption in Europe and outside of Europe. See multiple demonstrations of AUTOSAR based ECU design including AUTOSAR integration with Infotainment head units.  Until then you can also learn about AUTOSAR and GENIVI Embedded Design and Running Infotainment and AUTOSAR on TI Jacinto 6 with these two videos.

Taking Advantage of the Latest Heterogenous Multi-core SoCs
Emerging SoCs are combining multi-core and heterogeneous architectures into the same hardware platform. This demonstrations highlights how you can consolidate two Linux based applications on Cortex A15 cores with AUTOSAR on Cortex M4 cores. Doing so enables you to both consolidate more functionality on a single piece of hardware while at the same time maintaining the separation necessary using a Hypervisor or physical separation between heterogeneous cores.  Before you get to Embedded World be sure to check out this blog post on Implementing Inter-Processor Communication on Emerging Heterogeneous Multicore SoCs.

To learn more about everything that Mentor Embedded will be doing at Embedded World, visit our event page. See you there!

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