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Exercising HW designs using actual software pre-silicon on emulators

Kamran Shah

Kamran Shah

Posted Apr 23, 2013

I recently posted about using Virtual Prototypes pre-silicon with the recently introduced Sourcery CodeBench Virtual Edition and mentioned that the same native software development approach can be used when RTL is available on emulators.  This enables embedded software and hardware designers to exercise a HW design using actual SW, and a full stack which includes firmware, drivers, the operating system and application code.

The video above shows how the same embedded software design used with a Virtual Prototype (my earlier post) can be used against an RTL implementation on an emulator. In the case of running on emulators not only can the HW design be exercised pre-silicon but any issues identified on real hardware post tape-out can be duplicated on Veloce emulation systems in order to more effectively debug the hardware design.

virtual prototype, emulator, pre-silicon, Emulation, Veloce, virtual edition, RTL

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