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From the Acorn RISC Machine project to the i.MX – what’s next?

The first Mentor Embedded product (Nucleus) that was released for an ARM-based device was back in 1993 on an ARM6 platform. To site a few references from that time, the project for the ARM6 platform was called Acorn RISC Machine (evolved to Advanced RISC Machine (ARM)), ARM didn’t have nearly as many licensees as they do today, the top RISC processors from that time no longer exists, and the Nucleus PLUS real-time kernel was just released by Accelerated Technology (acquired by Mentor Graphics in 2002).

So, what’s happened in Embedded since? Clearly, much more than I can mention in this short blog entry, but in the spirit of mapping the events mentioned above: the Acorn RISC Machine project has exploded into a number of successful ARM and Cortex processor cores, ARM has a numerous successful licenses developing a broad range of MCU and MPU devices for a plethora of embedded applications, and the Nucleus RTOS has been deployed in over 3 billion OEM products.

Speaking of successful ARM licensees, let’s talk about Freescale Semiconductor and the i.MX family! Freescale released the first i.MX back in 2001. Since that time, Freescale has continued to develop best-in-class ARM based devices available in the market today. The i.MX family has been popular in many applications such as, but not limited to: Automotive, Consumer, Industrial, and Medical. Today, we are seeing lots of customer interest around the i.MX 6series, yet we still have many legacy customers successfully using processors like the i.MX28 and i.MX35.  So what’s next?  Freescale has recently announced additions to the i.MX roadmap that includes extensions to i.MX6 family, plus two new families- i.MX 7series and i.MX 8series. Over the next two years, this roadmap will certainly grab some attention within the embedded community and we can’t wait to get our hands on the new i.MX devices!

Mentor and Freescale have enjoyed a long history together and we share a number of successful customers. Mentor, a Freescale preferred partners provides an extensive product portfolio offering for Freescale devices, such as: Sourcery CodeBench Development Tools, Nucleus RTOS, Mentor Embedded Linux, Android Services, AUTOSAR support, high-speed libraries and the Automotive Technology Platform. For more information on the Mentor portfolio for Freescale please visit:

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Jamie LittleI work in the Embedded Software Division (ESD) of Mentor Graphics. I have 20 years of experience in the embedded market with the first 17 being in Sales Management and the last four in Marketing/Business Development. During my career in the embedded market, I’ve enjoyed calling on worldwide accounts, engaging many customers, attending countless events and working with our partners. In my current role, I work closely with our Semiconductor Partners and Ecosystem Partners. I also manage Nucleus Innovate Program, which is a specialized program targeted to small companies. I have the unique opportunity to learn about current semiconductor devices, key market segments and customer use cases. Outside of work, I enjoy a number of outdoor hobbies on the Gulf Coast and spending time with my three kids. Visit Embedded Blog

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