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Implementing inter-processor communication on emerging heterogenous multicore SoCs

Kamran Shah

Kamran Shah

Posted Jan 15, 2014

There are a number of heterogeneous multicore SoCs being introduced including the Vybrid platform from Freescale and the Jacinto 6 platform from Texas Instruments. At CES in January 2014 we demonstrated how the communication between Cortex M4 and Cortex A15 cores on the TI Jacinto 6 can be implemented using rpmsg. The two videos below show this demonstration in action.

The first video illustrates how information from a CAN simulator can be efficiently processed on the Cortex M4 cores using AUTOSAR and integrated into Linux based Instrument Cluster and Infotainment applications running on Cortex A15 cores with a simple ambient light scenario.

The second video shows how the data being transferred between the M4 and A15 cores can be visually analyzed with the Mentor Embedded Sourcery Analyzer.

rpmsg, Multicore, Texas Instruments, heterogenous, Infotainment, IPC, jacinto 6, instrument cluster, inter-processor communication

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