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Join Alison Chaiken and Ravi Puvvala on a Google Hangout discussing how Embedded Linux can take on the hard problems of Automotive

Kamran Shah

Kamran Shah

Posted Mar 27, 2013

Allison Chaiken recently presented this information at the Embedded Linux conference in San Francisco. Alison and Ravi Puvvala will host a Google Hangout to discuss this topic further, with some question and answer opportunity. We hope you’ll be able to join us.

Her abstract for the sessions follows:

From the embedded point of view, a car is a LAN with a large number of CPUs ranging from internally complex SoCs running Linux to single-task MCUs running an RTOS. These devices engage in what is often time-critical communication using a variety of legacy protocols, although IP and possibly TCP and UDP are making inroads. Regionally differentiated requirements for emergency traffic messages sent over new vehicle-vehicle and vehicle-infrastructure channels add complexity. The diversity of internal automotive networks coupled with needs for security, time-critical IPC, low cost and maximum electromechanical robustness make for difficult design decisions. The U.S. specification of early backup-camera images with composited markers complicates implementation. The GENIVI consortium and the new Automotive Grade Linux distro represent approaches to a solution.

And a little about Alison:

Alison recently joined Mentor Graphics Embedded Software Division. Her IVI technical work began with MeeGo at Nokia and has continued since in Linux, focusing on the never-ending problem of getting the audio and graphics stacks to work properly. She comes into contact with Bay Area IVI innovators as the organizer of the 600+-member Silicon Automotive Open Source Group.

automotive network, GENIVI, Infotainment, Linux

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