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LTTng 2.0 and making use of trace tools and techniques to develop complex multicore embedded systems

On my quest to continue to learn more about embedded systems development I was able to attend LinuxCon 2012 One of the sessions I attended was an update by Mathieu Desnoyers (author and maintainer) on LTTng 2.0

The Sourcery Analyzer trace and analysis tool from Mentor Embedded makes use of LTTng and I’m in meetings where we discuss the benefits of LTTng 2.0 so I was happy to have gotten an overview at Linuxcon. I’ll write more on specific areas related to debugging, trace, LTTng 2.0, gdb (I’m finding there are so many pieces to the puzzle) in the future.

Core activity visualized along with the name of the program and assoicated process ID

The first thing I was curious about was just why tracing is useful to begin with. The LTTng 2.0 session was step one. The engineering manager for Sourcery Analyzer (our trace and analysis tool) has been busy writing a paper on the subject. Instead of taking out excerpts I thought the best thing to get the info is for people to just be able to read it themselves.

Multicore, Trace

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