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Migrating from Windows CE to Linux or Android?

Anil Khanna

Anil Khanna

Posted Dec 11, 2012

The trend of migration from a proprietary OS such as Windows® CE to an open source OS such as embedded Linux® and AndroidTM continues to accelerate. The motivations for moving are obvious – access to a rapidly evolving technology base via a thriving open-source community, source code access, royalty-free model and more. However, the effort to migrate from one design environment to a new one is not trivial. Developers are most efficient with an environment that they have learned, used and customized to their workflow. Transitioning them to a new open source work flow is a significant undertaking – requiring technology knowledge (how does open source work), tool-flow experience (Visual Studio ® vs. open source), best practices etc.

Luckily, you are not the first company trying to overcome this challenge. Mentor Embedded has been helping leading companies manage their transition successfully from Windows CE to Linux/Android. Here is an example of a recent project delivered by Mentor Embedded wherein we developed the ability to design Android applications within an existing Visual Studio environment.

Additional details about this technology is available at the NVIDIA Developer Zone.

For an overview of our offering, please visit  Windows CE to embedded Linux or contact us for more information.

Linux, Android, Windows CE

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Anil KhannaI am part of the marketing organization in the Embedded Software Division here at Mentor. Before this I spent 10 years marketing Mentor's hardware design products, specifically in the RTL and high-level synthesis domains. Moving from addressing the requirements of hardware designers to those of software designers has been quite the change. Throw in open-source and you have a heady mix - which keeps me on my toes! Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading a good book or the occasional round of golf (in the few hours of sunshine we get in Portland!). I hope you find my thoughts interesting and look forward to your comments. Visit Embedded Blog

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