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Nucleus Innovate Program - Customer Highlight

Since the Nucleus Innovate Program was launched in November of last year, we’ve recieved dozens of Qualification Forms and many small companies have been approved for free licenses. While the popularity of the program has been exciting, the array of customer applications we’re seeing from the Innovate Program is equally as exciting! For example, some of the market segments represented include, but not limited to: Automotive, Industrial Control, Satellite, Home Automation, Medical, Wearable’s and Renewable Energy. Clearly, there is significant innovation happening out there in the small company, startups and entrepreneurial communities!

One company that I’d like to highlight is BAB TECHNOLGIE in Dortmund, Germany.  BAB TECHNOLOGIE is a small company who offers a number of innovative products in the building and home automation segment. BAB TECHNOLGIE will use the Nucleus RTOS and Sourcery CodeBench IDE tools on a popular NXP MCU device. Their application requires a number of middleware components and wireless technologies, which they can leverage from the Nucleus Innovate package. BAB TECHNOLOGIES develops products that include remote control and wireless automation. Their CONTROL products offer software applications that allow customers to connect remotely to the automation system using a Smart Phone or Smart Device. Another interesting product from BAB TECHNOLOGY is their CUBEVISION technology, which automatically creates visualizations once the user sets up a building structure and links the group addresses. Their web site includes several videos and images of their remote monitoring systems.  More information on BAB TECHNOLOGIE and their automation products can be found here:

The Nucleus Innovate Program currently includes several BSPs from TI, ST Microelectronics and NXP MCU devices. The qualification process for the Nucleus Innovate Program is quick and easy! Click here to learn more about the Nucleus Innovate Program and to submit your Qualification Form today:

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Jamie LittleI work in the Embedded Software Division (ESD) of Mentor Graphics. I have 20 years of experience in the embedded market with the first 17 being in Sales Management and the last four in Marketing/Business Development. During my career in the embedded market, I’ve enjoyed calling on worldwide accounts, engaging many customers, attending countless events and working with our partners. In my current role, I work closely with our Semiconductor Partners and Ecosystem Partners. I also manage Nucleus Innovate Program, which is a specialized program targeted to small companies. I have the unique opportunity to learn about current semiconductor devices, key market segments and customer use cases. Outside of work, I enjoy a number of outdoor hobbies on the Gulf Coast and spending time with my three kids. Visit Embedded Blog

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