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Nucleus Innovate Program - Customer Highlight: Cloud Your Car

Jamie Little

Jamie Little

Posted Aug 19, 2013
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The Nucleus Innovate Program continues to be successful program for Mentor and more importantly, for our small customers! Several customers have been approved for free Nucleus RTOS source code licenses already. We continue to be delighted with the program, semiconductor partner support and customer adoption. I’d like to take a few minutes to highlight another recent Nucleus Innovate customer who is taking advantage of the free offer by Mentor Embedded.

The folks at Cloud Your Car have designed a very clever plug-&-play package for their fleet management product! The system is designed for business owners to help them save money by managing the efficiency of their fleet. But Cloud Your Car is more than just a simple GPS tracking device. It provides a number of advanced features, an iPhone app and an API where developers can create applications for their service. The Cloud Your Car unit uses a STM32 MCU device from STMicroelectronics. For a small company like Cloud Your Car, getting free access to a small and proven RTOS like Nucleus and the powerful Sourcery CodeBench IDE tools will help them to focus on developing quality applications out-of-box, rather than spinning cycles trying to get their development environment pieced together. We are very excited about having Cloud Your Car as part of the Nucleus Innovate Program!

Whether you’re in business to deliver pizza, car parts, mail or freight, the Cloud Your Car system offers a compact package to help manage the efficiency of your drivers and their routes. I especially like their suggestion of making driver efficiency a friendly competition. I can see a lot of applications for this very cool device! For more information on Cloud Your Car and their fleet manage products and services, please visit their website:

For more information on how to qualify for a free Nucleus RTOS source code license, please visit the Nucleus Innovate Program web page:

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Jamie LittleI work in the Embedded Software Division (ESD) of Mentor Graphics. I have 20 years of experience in the embedded market with the first 17 being in Sales Management and the last four in Marketing/Business Development. During my career in the embedded market, I’ve enjoyed calling on worldwide accounts, engaging many customers, attending countless events and working with our partners. In my current role, I work closely with our Semiconductor Partners and Ecosystem Partners. I also manage Nucleus Innovate Program, which is a specialized program targeted to small companies. I have the unique opportunity to learn about current semiconductor devices, key market segments and customer use cases. Outside of work, I enjoy a number of outdoor hobbies on the Gulf Coast and spending time with my three kids. Visit Embedded Blog

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I like "Cloud your car"! A couple of years ago I coined "Let your Iphone bring you home" where the core idea was that you did not have ownership to your (Electric) car battery or other viable parts - but rather you subscribed to the service of movement. I saw the Idea raising as a baloon of hot air in Danish media in 2012 (land of fairy tales!) where the market for Electric cars never really takes off because pt. (2013) we have at least three different systems of charging stations - of which Better Place is in liquidation. Focus on the service - "geographical freedom" for persons and small goods. A set of services placed centrally, in your smartphone, and in the fleet of cars in the streets - would then do the trick - Maybe!

Steen Karlsen
8:31 AM Aug 31, 2013

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